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Bullying is when men pick on ugly and weak men so as to impress femoids and gain their love and respect.[1]

Bullying & Incels[edit | edit source]

bullying is very common practice in Normie society. for normies, bullying is a cheap and easy way to Statusmax on the expense of others. Incels are usually targeted by bullies in school & work environments. most femoids agree that bullying is bad and harmful, but when an act of bullying takes place they will often become a neutral observer with a blank opinion, to avoid collusion and politics. Normie men believe that bullying is healthy and is part of the societal ecosystem, but they often say that to avoid any real discussion or solution regarding bullying, teachers do that as well. Normies will often portray bullying to be a mischievous activity with no ulterior motives. but that argument is quickly dismissed by psychologists and sociologists that study human behavior.

References[edit | edit source]