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Female orgasm is a strange phenomenon as the female can in be entirely passive, yet still reproduce, so there is no obvious explanation for them to spasm during copulation. The male, on the other hand, needs to perform a thrusting motion to inject sperm as deeply as possible, especially to outcompete contending sperm, and this behavior needs to be incentivized with positive emotion such that the male reproduces at all given a passive female. Some suggested the female orgasm is merely a vestige of the male orgasm or that it mechanically somehow increases chances of conception.[1]

Bonding to get male investment[edit | edit source]

Female orgasms and copulatory vocalizations may have the function of bonding with the male in order to get their investment.[2] The male, in turn, is also interested in bonding for paternity assurance. With sexual affection, the female can assure sexual exclusivity, so the man is more inclined to invest his resources in her and the offspring. Bonding presumably also increases reproductive success given how much especially children depend on the presence of a family and resources (Morris, 1967).

Since men desire sexual exclusivity, they may have evolved to try to make women orgasm such that she is inclined to offer such exclusivity. Men should also prefer to get their partner aroused to overcome female coyness such that the penetration can take place at all.

In various studies, the strongest predictor of female orgasm was the physical attractiveness and bodily masculinity of their partner, especially how other women rated him, followed by wealth and status.[3][4][5][6][7][8] This suggests women desire bonding more with a good looking and physically strong partner, which makes sense as a both is predictive of high status which in turn predicts resource availability and other goodies.

This would also agree with female orgasms as a means of sperm retention. Ancestral females likely had sex with multiple men for paternal investment from multiple men and to prevent infanticide by confusing paternity. If female orgasm does retain sperm, it is advantageous for women to orgasm to men who are genetically superior rather than those who are genetically inferior. Therefore, selective orgasms helps female to retain sperm from the fittest males while expelling sperm from the unfit males. Accordingly, there may even be mechanisms for "sperm dumping."[9]

Decline of female orgasm[edit | edit source]

One study found gender equality and sexual education since the 1970s have not helped women to become more orgasmic, rather women report less often orgasms, despite of their greater openness about sex, an increase in number of sex partners, and more frequent masturbation. Explanations for this range from lower availability of high status, highly confident men, lowered level of male educational and economic status (Safarinejad, 2006), increased incidence of female depression.[10] Perhaps even a behavioral sink could explain it, which could be due to increased mutational load due to ecological mildness of modern civilization and/or due to pollutants disrupting biological development.

Moaning[edit | edit source]

Evidence suggests that women's moaning, which is much louder than men's, does not even require an orgasm to occur with 80% of women reporting having produced such vocalizations without orgasm in one study.[11] This also points to moaning to have a largely separate function of either bonding or attracting Chad.

In fact, in various primates related to humans, female copulatory vocalizations serve the attraction of a stronger, more desirable male and to incite male competition,[12] which may in principle also apply to humans, at least as a vestige, and it would be in line with Bodyguard hypothesis, i.e. that women desire to be attached to the strongest male available, which also agrees with evidence of humans being a moderately polygynous species. Being mogged during sex by Chad is, besides sodomy, an extreme form of emasculation.

Grooling vs orgasm[edit | edit source]

Similar to vocalizations, also grooling may not necessarily be related to positive emotion in women. Instead, they may grool upon any sexual visual stimulus or stimulus of a powerful man, presumably as a protection of rape to reduce chances of skin tears and infections.

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