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The macropenis dilemma refers to the mismatch between the average penis size and the most common ideal penis size in women. Surveys show that a woman's average ideal erect penis size is 6.4 inches. This is despite the fact that the average erect penis size is 13.12 cm (1.66 SD; 5.16 inches). An erect penile length that measures 2 to 2.5 SD+ more than average is considered to be a macropenis. Hence, a macropenis can be defined as a penis whose erect length is at least 18-to-19 centimeters (7.1-to-7.5 inches).

This means that a woman's average ideal penis size is actually only 1.8 centimeters away from macrophallism. In other words, women's average ideal penis size is not far from being in the abnormally large range, hence giving further credence to the Pareto principle.

Average erect penis size varies greatly between different nationalities. Of the many countries in which the average erect penis length has been determined, it ranges from 3.8 inches on the low end, in North Korea, to 7.1 inches on the high end, in The Congo. Even among european nationalities, there is a great range of national averages, though less so than globally. The european national averages range from 4.8 inches on the low end, in Romania, to 6.5 inches on the high end, in Hungary.

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