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Facepulling is an experimental Looksmaxxing technique based on orthodontic maxillary protaction. The aim of a maxillary protaction is getting a face with better Forward growth. Orthodontists have been using "maxillary protractors" like the facemask for decades to treat medical cases like underbite, which need a maxilla protraction to fix the maxillary deficiency, however these orthodontic devices are only used on children, because clinical studies have proven that maxillary protraction is very slow in adults.

Facepuller design[edit | edit source]

Facepulling involves the usage of a 'facepuller', a device composed of:

  • An orthodontic removable appliance fixed to the upper dental arch (maxilla)
  • An external puller, a tool which pulls the appliance forward with the force of elastic bands.

one of the two goals of facepulling is rotating the maxilla upward and improving the gonial angle. In order to achieve this, the facepuller must pull with an angle between 20 and 30 degrees, depending on how bad the user's gonial angle is.

Scientific studies[edit | edit source]

In 2013 orthodontists published a paper in which they explain how they fixed the maxillary deficiency of an adult woman. After 17 months applying a force of 0.5 kilograms for 14 hours a day, the woman obtained a maxillary growth of 1.7 millimiters. This number was enough to correct the malocclusion of the woman, however 1.7 millimeters is not enough to consider Facepulling a satisfying looksmaxxing technique, since Bimaxillary surgery can achieve 10+ millimeters of maxillary forward growth in 2 hours.
Currently there are no scientific studies involving a maxillary protraction with stronger forces applied on the maxilla, for example the Looksmax.me user CopeAndRope recommended to facepull with 2kilograms of force.

Facepuller 1.0[edit | edit source]

The first version of the facepuller was posted on the website tmjtreatment.com. This version involves the usage of a hockey helmet as puller and orthodontic braces as infra-oral appliance, the helmet and the braces are connected by a clip and an elastic band. In case the user does not have orthodontic braces, he may build an retainer to connect the teeth to the puller.

Facepuller 2.0[edit | edit source]

In september 2019 CopeAndRope, a Looksmax.me user, designed a new version of the facepuller, concerning a neck brace connected to an infra-oral appliance which surrounds the gingiva. This video shows how to build a facepuller 2.0

The BOW[edit | edit source]

In June 2019 this video involving a professional facepuller was posted on youtube. The video displays a group of children who underwent a facepulling treatment and gained a significant Facial Forward growth

Facepulling technique[edit | edit source]

The user must make sure he keeps his bite close with upper and lower teeth strongly attached. This way the mandible will follow the maxilla in growing forward.

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