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To become winemired means that you have aged like wine, in contrast to someone who milkmired. It is a portmanteau of wine and milkmired. A male winemirer who is in his 40s or 50s has the option of dating a vicenarian or even a teen without getting weird looks from the public.

Non-western countries[edit]

In countries like the Philippines, it's more accepted that foids may seek a wealthy older man for his provisioning even if he lacks youthful sexiness, and that a wealthy men will want the pleasures of a relationship with a younger foid; so whether he is milkmired or winemired is not as relevant. The Philippines does not have divorce, and their culture is tolerant of having mistresses; so older foids have less reason to want to shame men for desiring a younger foid, since they know that their marriage is not going to end (at the initiative of either spouse) because of their husband's involvement with another foid.

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