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Beckys are a variant of femoids subordinate to Stacies in terms of looks and social status. In other words, the average young woman. Despite their lower position on the social totem pole, they will nonetheless ignore around 80% of men in their youth, including their looksmatch unless said looksmatch makes more money than her. This sexual jockeying often puts them at odds with both each other as well as with Stacies. Although they will gleefully fuck Chad, Beckys will often end up settling for a betabux Brad or a high-tier normie when she begins to approach The Wall or wants to raise a child. Beckys have a 7/10 PSL rating.

Often Becky's try to navigate around their looksmatch by becoming a fake nerd. In the 2010s, nerd-dom became almost hip, and therefore women now wanted to be apart of it. But not for their looksmatch ususally, usually for chad. Thus, we saw the rise off IM LIEK SUCH A NERD LOL.

Low Self Esteem & Fear of Mediocrity[edit | edit source]

Most becky's compensate at some point. most average woman are terrified of the "average life" so they travel and go on ridicules spending sprees to prove their worth. This comes with bombarding their social media with pictures of food and lavish venues. They will also take photos of themselves with hot guys during vacations & parties to signal wealth and status. The most well known example of this is the phenomena is the story of Anna Sorokin.

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