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Incel, is an academic sociological term that is short for and means, 'involuntary celibacy', a life circumstance. Specifically, it is the life circumstance of, "single without choosing to be so". And so it is not a community, subculture, organized group, movement, or a philosophy. Individual philosophies like the blackpill or subcultures like 4chan culture emerge on some, but not all, forums dedicated to involuntary celibates and go in and out of fashion. Inceldom was first academically recognized as a sociological phenomenon by the Donnelly Study. The Donnelly Study defined incels as all adults who want to have a willing sexual partner of the gender that they are attracted to, but cannot find one for six months or more. This definition, however, has too many holes. For the purposes of this wiki, an incel is someone who is or would be romantically and/or sexually rejected by the vast majority of the single members of the gender they are attracted to while approaching at random in spaces socially designated for dating, for a period of years. The first lexicographer to define "incel", defined incel as a gender-neutral life cirumstance rather than a subculture. Its unabbreviated form was coined in 1739 by Antoine Banier in his book on ancient Greek mythology. Inceldom overlaps but is distinct from 'sexual frustration', in that an involuntary celibate may simply accept their inceldom and not feel bad about it.

The current non-niche incel internet forums are:, Reddit's Braincels, Facebook's Incelistan,,,, Incelswithouthate, and Foreveralone. Roughly between 6-14% of millenial men fall under the inceldom spectrum in America. Inceldom affects 10% of men and 5% of women in Germany; hence a total of 7.5%.

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