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Patriarchy was a system by which men pass on their resources to their sons, and men exert political and economic influence over women. Now that women have more personal total wealth than men in the US and resources are no longer passed to sons, it is hard to argue that we live in a patriarchy. It is simply not the right word.

Remnants of patriarchy are created by women fucking alpha males[edit | edit source]

In the past, existing patriarchy was simply a byproduct of harsh natural forces like universal resource scarcity and pregnancy. Now women have the choice to fuck sexist abusive men. And booooyyy do they like them.

While there isnt an overarching patriarchy any more, any remnants of it are by caused by womens mild preference for controlling, sexist, abusive men. Enouraging men to compete along those lines. Fortunately, societal consciousness overrides this natural female desire. Women self-correct their desire for abusive men often, by limiting the timeframe by which they engage with them to the years before marriage. Often as a self-sacrifice for living in a civilized society.

Debunking Patriarchy[edit | edit source]

  • if female emancipation was such a huge issue then why woman didn't create their own breakaway societies with egalitarian values?
  • where is all the supposed "evidence" of men enslaving woman and treating them like garbage?
  • the patriarchy as a power structure never benefited men more than woman, because nobility & royals in the past represented both genders
  • men overall had more power over society, which is not necessarily a bad thing
  • voting and working was not a big deal, societies in the past didn't politicize these issues. if anything working and studying was considered a necessity, while in today's world its considered a privilege.
  • homemaking in the past was not considered to be a degrading role, while today it is
  • people in tyrannical male dominated societies did rebel, but not on the basis of gender.

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