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Congrats! After years of cold showering, and buying the most stylish haircuts, you've ascended from inceldom and passed your genes onto the next generation! Your son has inherited your cold shower, stylish haircut preferences so he too passes on his genes. You are a reproductive success!

Reproductive success (RS) is the lifetime number of children produced. Fitness is often defined as the expected representation of someone's genes in future generations. Reproductive success is often used as an imperfect measure of fitness, imperfect because it says nothing definite about future generations.[1] Survival and reproductive success determine the outcome of evolution.

Women have more RS[edit | edit source]

The fertility ratio is the ratio of the number of offspring each group produced compared to healthy people. Men are evidently much more forgiving. More information.

Throughout human history, women's reproductive success was around twice as high as men's as a result of Bateman's principle,[2] which in turn is thought to result from women's greater investment in the offspring, causing some men to have children with many women (polygyny or remarrying) while many men got nothing. Around 80% of women, but only 40% of men (i.e. half as many) have reproduced, or 60%-30% or 70%-35%, etc. depending on child mortality and ecological harshness.[3] These effects can be still seen today with women with mental conditions and overweight reproducing more reliably.[4] This means women have overall been subject to less selective pressure, which may explain why their sexuality seems to be stuck in the past.

Many incels don't want RS[edit | edit source]

Around 44.1% of incels on are not interested in reproducing. 41.3% would like children if they have a partner, 14.6% even by themselves (i.e. an adoptive child).[5]

RS and happiness[edit | edit source]

More reproductive success does not make people happier, at least not today, presumably due to the additional effort of raising the offspring.[6] Even at old age.[7] This suggests that even though reproductive success is what matters from the point of view of the genes, people are primarily driven to reproduce by the psychological and social benefits of companionship, sex and orgasms.

Nonetheless, only 9% of parents outright regret having kids, and even only 3% of parents who graduated from college. Further, having offspring (in particular female offspring) lowers the chances of having to live in a nursing home at high age. Only 4% of adults over 40 don't have children and are satisfied with that. (Please see the discussion on the tradcon article for more information and sources.)

Reproductive strategies[edit | edit source]

Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, a beardmaxxer

Men[edit | edit source]

  • Moulay Ismail ibn Sharif, a Moroccan monarch, had a harem of 500 women, and registered 525 boy births and 342 girls. After his death, a total of 1171 children were counted.[8] So "just be a king" is clearly the optimal strategy for men's reproductive success, since women prefer men of high status. In fact, men's social status accounts for 62% of the variance of copulation opportunities.[9] A related, but less effective strategy is pump and dump. Different from a king, men engaging in this strategy cannot or do not afford providing for the offspring they produce by carelessly impregnating many women.
  • In a similar way, Fath-Ali Shah Qajar, an Iranian shah (king), was reported to have a harem with 800 to 1,000 women (and 4 wives). One source puts the number of his children at 103 (57 sons and 46 daughters) and his grandchildren at 588 (296 grandsons and 292 granddaughters) by the time of his death. Another one puts this at 280 children (130 sons and 150 daughters) and 5,000 "descendants."[10]
  • Religion can also provide a viable strategy for men to maximize their reproductive success. For instance, men who achieve positions of prominence in certain polygamist religions (such as the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons) often have plentiful reproductive options at their disposal. For instance, the Mormon leader and the founder of Salt Lake City, Brigham Young, had 18 wives and 56 children.[11] A more recent Mormon fundamentalist leader, Paul Elden Kingston, may have up to 300 children with 27 wives (including three half sisters of his).[12]
  • Dr. Bertold Paul Wiesner (1901–1972) was an Austrian physiologist noted for being biological father to about 600 offspring by anonymously donating sperm used by his wife to perform artificial insemination on women at her private fertility practice in London, England.[13]
  • A handful of incels have been able to achieve reproductive success through independent sperm donation websites of their own creation.[14] There exists a sperm donor with 14 offspring who is a virgin.[15] A large amount of lesbian women and wives who's husbands can't conceive, genuinely don't care about the sperm donor's looks.
  • Young anti-social men have a disproportionate amount of offspring. Thus thugmaxxing, can maximize young men's reproductive success.[16][17]
  • Male genetic material can potentially also replicate via microchimerisms being transferred to the offspring.

Women[edit | edit source]

  • The first wife of Feodor Vassilyev, a peasant farmer from Shuya, Russia, claimed to have birthed 69 children (16 pairs of twins, 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets); 67 of them survived infancy with the loss of one set of twins—the record for most children born to a single woman.[18] Marrying a farmer & "just exist" is hence clearly the optimal strategy for women's reproductive success, because a farmer is low in social status, so he has little choice but to be a faithful partner (high-investment strategy), yet he has plenty of resources, food, land, water, and shelter. The farmer is the proto-betabux (except in case of Vassilyev, he was still probably a legendary alpha for his time and place and had multiple wives, so he had even more RS than she did, and historically, some farmers were also very powerful).
  • Different from men, high status women have less reproductive success than low status women, and always had, because women are biologically programmed to avoid dating down, and the higher their status is, the fewer men fulfill this requirement.[19] High status women also have no incentive to trade orgasms for resources, rendering their whoring adaptations meaningless.
  • Low IQ women have the highest reproductive success among females.[20] Hence, teenage high-IQ women can in principle inject themselves with exogenous testosterone to lower their adult IQ and increase reproductive success, since testosterone is IQ suppressant for women at high levels.[21]
  • Females can romantically pursue men whom are likely to produce offspring with the highest likelihood of having offspring themselves. Whom are men that are 6ft tall, extremely masculine and also beautiful looking, dumb, low IQ, extremely high testosterone, muscular, dominant, and aggressive. Basically Gigachad, also known as Jeremy Meeks. Jeremy himself has 2 children.[22]

Both[edit | edit source]

  • Kinship in the sense of helping family to survive and reproduce is a reproductive strategy because they have similar genes, hence this increases the representation of one's genes in future generations. This may be a reason for why altruism has evolved.
  • If already objectively attractive looking, avoid regression toward the mean in your offspring by reproducing with an objectively attractive partner of the same race, and general genetic background (same skin color, hair color, eye color, etc,).
  • Don't reproduce with a partner from a different continent so as to avoid outbreeding depression.
  • Reproduce with a partner not from the city you were born in so as to avoid inbreeding depression. A good rule of thumb is to travel outside of the home town or city one was born in, as far as the next state or country over, but not a completely different continent, to meet partners to reproduce with.

Violent reproductive strategies[edit | edit source]

Another way of increasing reproductive fitness besides directly pursuing reproduction, is eliminating competing genes from the gene pool by preventing others from reproducing, making it easier for you and or your closest relatives to reproduce (intrasexual competition or competition in general). A mild form of this is cockblocking, gossip or any kind of non-violent competition such as bullying.[23][24] The harshest form of competition imaginable is when this involves death, as in a beta uprising or any kind of violent conflict, such as acts of revenge.[25]

Sometimes aggression on behalf of a group can enhance status, and thus provide more access to reproductive opportunities (tribal warfare).[26][27] Some (mass) murders appear to be driven by an "altruistic" or "virtuous" motivation that their killings are a noble act of restoring order and justice, even though that may only elevate status (and hence increase access to reproductive opportunities) in the after life or in prison (so not really), hence there is always a transcendence to such motivations.[28] In honor-shame cultures this is particularly common. Technically, this is applicable to both males and females, but males pursue this strategy more often, possibly because they have been selected to dominate and protect with physical aggression (sexual dimorphism), and to do anything of significance really as men are more expected to succeed since women choose successful and dominant men.

Since fitness is the representation of one's genes in future generations, producing one child or killing someone else's child (infanticide) has nearly the same effect on one's genetic fitness when only merely considering the share of one's genes in the gene pool. This drives the Cinderella effect.[29] However, conflict can also lower reproductive fitness as one risks death or losing important social ties by a bad reputation, hence it happens rarely, especially in animals with sophisticated reputation systems such as in humans. Male aggression may also be fueled by hybristophilia and women's preference for psychopathy, which may have co-evolved as a reproductive strategy.

Another strategy is competing with other species, eliminating animals and or plants and use their space and resources for you and your kin. This, however can have a detrimental effect on fitness, as humans have an ecological dependence on other species (food chain). Animals aren't usually your direct competitors (with exceptions), but they do take up space on our planetary surface.

Non violent, cooperative people, (the majority of society) dislike unfair and violent reproducers because these reproducers are a threat to the majority's own reproductive success.

Incel Wiki does not support or condone violence.

Criticisms of high reproductive success and evolutionary psychology[edit | edit source]

A study showed claims of high reproductive success in the hundreds to be greatly exaggerated.[30] extremely handsome men, 6+/10 in attractiveness as rated by women on the popular rating site photofeeler are near nonexistent among men that have 5 to 90+ children, with the only handsome hyper reproducers on the internet being Hirotada Ototake, Roman Reigns, Alec Baldwin, Marlon Brando, Ramon Revilla Sr, Clint Eastwood, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. The lack of hyper reproducing handsome men goes against evolutionary psychology as numerous studies show handsome men have the advantage in first impressions while dating, earning money, attaining popularity, etc. so would have a much easier and successful time becoming polygamous/serial monogamist and having many offspring, however they don't appear to want to do this. The most common hyper reproducers at least in the modern era are average looking, low socio economic status men, that have done jail time, and this is true both in the United States and the United Kingdom. The most reproductively successful, highly paid male model is Lucky Blue Smith with currently 3 children, likely because he is from Utah, the highest fertility state in America and part of the Latter Day Saints, a high fertility religious group, nearly all male models, even the richest most successful ones have near abysmal reproductive success. There is alot of evidence for assortative mating for attractiveness, the correlation is at least moderate if not very high, at least among celebrities for both mating and reproductive success, although the husbands of the top 10 world's most beautiful women of all time were all average looking.[31] A hyper realistic average morph of Victoria Secret Model boyfriends showed the women usually date outlierly handsome men, about an 8/10 in attractiveness, however average in other looks facets such as perceived trust, smarts, and competency.[32] in contrast their girlfriends score high across the board, thus overall their boyfriends tend to look worse than themselves.[33] Simply having a high facial width to height ratio (usually a more dominant, aggressive looking face) has proven to be a better indicator of reproductive success and raw sexual partner count than handsomeness. The men that enter male beauty pageants like Mr. Supranatural are all outlierly handsome, however they all seem to be single, mainly posting pics of only themselves on social media. Nearly every woman in interviews says they want a man thats tall, handsome, educated, wealthy/high income etc. exactly how evolutionary psychology predicts, and these men are expected to have high sexual marketplace value, however many self identified incels are tall, educated, outlierly handsome, rich/wealthy etc. and the 2 highest scoring men on photofeeler in attractiveness, 10/10 George Clooney and Johny Depp still have problems dealing with their wives. Dating Guru Kevin Samuels pushed the concept that earning a six figure income automatically made the man "high value" however women insisted they had to be physically attracted, so at least average looking. The majority of these men would be high iq however there is evidence suggesting high earning, educated men marry very ugly women.[34] Also more men from S.T.E.M careers than humanities report lack of sexual success despite their high earning power etc. In reality the traits most correlated with reproductive and mating success are toxically masculine behavior. Impulsive, manipulative, unfaithful, conniving, cheating, psychopathic, criminal, sexually aggressive/forward, entitlement to sex, dominance signalling, rape, becoming a cult leader, creating/joining a gang, etc. as these behaviors statistically lower the chance of ending up incel. No gang members post on incel forums.

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