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Player Supreme
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Name: Player Supreme
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: ?
Ethnicity: black

Player Supreme was an online dating coach, loosely related to the Black Incelosphere

About[edit | edit source]

Player Supreme is a big black man, somewhere around his mid 30's to mid 40's.

Join dating coach Chris Arnett aka Player Supreme and learn how to attract women and grow the life you truly were born for. Learn how to develop self confidence, self esteem, while you develop into the man you were meant to be. You can also learn:

  • How to talk to women
  • How to dance in a night club
  • How to succeed at internet dating
  • How to develop your masculine energy
  • How to find your purpose in life and follow your passions
  • How to make a woman orgasm

Player Supreme has had over 20 years learning and teaching men how to become better men on the planet and take control of not just their dating lives but their entire lives into their own hands.

Death[edit | edit source]

Player Supreme passed away on 10-1-2017. he allegedly died from a heart attack.

Memorial & Fan Support[edit | edit source]

Player Supreme was a big deal in the black PUA Community. some channels on youtube are dedicated to archive his material from different time periods. most notably, Supreme Alpha League on youtube.

Mr.Locario and FishingforLove made a goodbye video after Supreme passed away.

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