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Life on tutorial mode is a meme concerning how easy it is for women to find a partner in the dating scene. It is inspired by video game difficulty settings, with "tutorial mode" being the lowest, or tutorials being sometimes a pre-stage before the actual game begins, where the player can familiarize himself with game mechanics.

While a man is expected to be financially successful, physically fit and sociable to even stand a chance of getting dates, women are "guaranteed" reproduction and companionship for the mere reason of being born female, and being young. A woman only needs to go on a dating app to have multiple dating options all the time, but it may take years for an average man to even go on a date. Life is therefore much easier for most women than it is for most men.

Women with good genes are even more favored, while men with good genes may struggle if they limit themselves to their looksmatches.

Imagine if foids wanted actual equality

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