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In the incelosphere, mewing is a looksmaxxing technique said to improve the bone structure of one's face. Mewing involves continuously pushing one's tongue against the roof of the mouth. This is believed to push the central bone of the face (the maxilla) forwards and upwards, improving the facial apperance.

Pro-Mewing Arguments[edit | edit source]

Orthotropics enthusasts claim that mewing results in the expansion of the following muscles: the procerus, the nasalis, the levator anguli oris, tyhe levator labii superioris, the orbicularis oris and the risorius. According to mewing supporters, this may eventually result in a superior facial structure and hence a better chance to escape inceldom.

Opposing Arguments[edit | edit source]

  • Currently no one has ever posted honest pictures showing a significant change in facial profile thanks to mewing.
  • Even if science has proven the tongue posture has effect on facial development during childhood, mewing is useless in puberty and adulthood because at 12 years old the officiation of the middle suture of the palate occurs

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