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By including this person, we are not implying they are incel or are in any way associated with incels.
Real Name: Daryush Valizadeh
Alias: Roosh Vorek
Date of Birth: June 14, 1979
Height: 6'2(self-reported)

Roosh V is a sex tourist (or as he prefers to describe himself, "love tourist") PUA who couldn't find a way to have sex with any of the 2 million adult women in Denmark despite trying to game Denmark. He doesn't use shampoo, saying it is unnecessary for men with short hair.

Political Views[edit | edit source]

RooshV likes the idea of big government, stating that he admires the social welfare systems of Nordic countries. He previously stated he doesn't like that big government can decrease sexual stratification, and so he generally lives his life like a Randian anarcho-primitivist. In 2016, in the midst of a controversy involving his plans to arrange worldwide meet-ups to promote and organise his 'neo-masculinity' movement, he began taking a more right-wing populist political stance, generally aligning himself with the putative 'Alt-Right' movement and announcing his support for then U.S presidential candidate Donald Trump (whom he has since soured on, primarily due to Trump's strong support of Israel and perceived ineptitude). As of 2019, he has announced he has taken the 'god pill' and has become a traditionalist (presumably Oriental Orthodox) Christian.

On incels[edit | edit source]

In November 2017, he began speaking of taking the blackpill,[1] and his videos and articles started to reflect an increasing desperation (for example, in December 2017, he advocated resorting to foids who require sponge-bathing, if need be)[2] alternating with despair at the growing realization that he will never have a wife or kids. In July 2018, he observed that because so many girls are chasing after Chad, the average man has been left with "no choice in settling down with a mentally stable and cute woman in her prime."[3] In July 2018, he also began publishing articles praising the subjugation of foids under Islam,[4] leading some to predict that he will eventually convert in a last-ditch effort to find a wife.

Despite all this, Roosh continues to believe that all incels need to do is learn game and then they can all get laid.[5]

Book Banning[edit | edit source]

In mid-2018, all RooshV's books were banned from Amazon without warning or reason.[6] Amazon had previously only banned books related to holocaust denial. This came 2 months after the vice chair of the Democratic National Committee of the United States Keith Ellison called on Democratic Party member Jeff Bezos to ban books related to the SPLC's designated hate-groups.[7] This was close in time to the big tech blackout of Alex Jones, who hired pick-up-artists in the past, as well as the Trump Presidency, who's election was helped by a pick-up-artist employee of Alex Jones: Mike Cernovich.

Roosh's books including his latest one as of 2019 were later unbanned by Amazon mysteriously and his book became an instant bestseller. This made Ellison seem quite silly. Later that year, for different reasons, the SPLC became embroiled in controversy. It's leader resigned and Twitter dropped the SPLC as a safety advisor.

CHAD[edit | edit source]

In 2018, RooshV sarcastically advocated for the subsidization of prostitution for incels with a gendered-tax that women pay. The program was going to be called the Complimentary Heterosexual Affections Directive (CHAD). He used his fictional program to make fun of government solutions to inceldom and promote pick-up-artistry as the 'only sensible alternative', but many incels liked his parody idea.

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