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Sexual envy is the envy of other's sexual success. Men's sexual regret is higher than women's and since regret is similar to envy, men's sexual envy can be expected to be greater than women's. After all, men's overall sex drive is higher, i.e. men regard having sex as a more valuable and more frequently desired goal. Men's sexual envy may, in fact, be one of the strongest forms of envy.

Incels[edit | edit source]

Incels presumably often feel sexual envy provided the highly sexualized social and mainstream media that surround us, combined with the fact that incels have no access to sex whatsoever. Historically, sexual modesty was a universal cultural practice in that "people do not normally copulate in public".[1] Therefore it can be assumed that the bombardment of men with pornography and self-sexualizing women in public and the social media[2] is somewhat evolutionarily novel, and provokes the promiscuous, non-investing side of male sexuality that most men possess.

Mass murderers[edit | edit source]

Laura Hamlett's doctoral dissertation "Common Psycholinguistic Themes in Mass Murderer Manifestos" defines envy as "a state in which the individual not only wants what others have, but is willing to destroy their enjoyment of the coveted thing or state as a result." After looking at manifestos by mass killers Christopher Dorner, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, James Holmes, Kip Kinkel, Adam Lanza, Gang Lu, Elliot Rodger, Dylann Roof, George Sodini, Jeff Weise, and Charles Whitman, she found only "limited support for entitlement and envy", noting that envy "appeared only in the communications of Elliot Rodger, suggesting this case or this theme may be an outlier."[3]

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