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Sexual sublimation is the transformation of sex drive or "sexual energy" into human capital.

This works by cultural norms that only allow for sex to occur when certain pro-social conditions are fulfilled (such as taking on a job, responsibility for the offspring, and forming a monogamous union, i.e. marrying). Not only does this increase human capital and provides meaning, but it also reduces the destruction of human capital because it forces people to be more responsible and can help to enforce monogamy, reducing the number of sexually demotivated men who tend to be more destructive. It also acts as as paternity assurance, which itself preserves the honor of the man and thus his willingness to cooperate.

Sexual sublimation often implies a subordination and objectification of women as they are mainly regarded as a reward and hence feminist hate it.

Numerous organized religions have likely co-discovered (or convergently culturally evolved) this simple incentive structure to achieve high societal cohesion and efficiency, and a high degree of population control. Since sex is the most pleasurable experience, one can expect a lot in return like building entire civilizations. Of course religions were not as overt about this, but packaged it in beautiful poetry.

Blackpillers regard abolition of sexual sublimation as an existential threat. Ethnologist J. D. Unwin famously analyzed the importance of sexual sublimination, which he called "sexual transmutation", in his book "Sex and Culture".

While sexual sublimation (e.g. prohibition of premarital sex) is a cultural invention, the dependence of women on men's resources in return for women's sex, is part of human nature.[1][2]

Sexual sublimation vs liberation[edit | edit source]

Liberated sexuality: When women have their own income or receive welfare, they cease to depend on men. But since most women are hypergamous and want to be won over by a male more wealthy and dominant than themselves, women tend to stay single and be disinterested in sex. With the lack of sexual incentives, men are less motivated to compete in pro-social achievements. And even women feel unfulfilled having never attracted a dominant man as there are few such men left. In short, the rewards flow directly to women, instead of via men where an exchange of men's resources vs women's orgasms could take place.

Sublimated sexuality: When women depend on men's resources in turn, all men have strong incentives to compete for getting laid. Women reward men's investment by handing out sex, and women themselves feel good about themselves having done a good job attracting a valuable mate and being good wife etc. With suppressed promiscuity and premarital sex, the price of sex is high, so highly desirable and promiscuous men also cannot get sex for free without doing something prosocial like taking care of the family, and are hence encouraged to do so.

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