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Chadlite examples

A chadlite or "low tier Chad" is an "8" on the decile scale. He is one decile above the high-tier normie. Chadlites are often the bare minimum a Becky accepts as a partner these days, and are seen as a "backup plan" in case a Stacy can't find a suitable Chad at a given moment. This is especially true if a Stacy has been dumped by one of her Chad's. The rare occasions where it is possible for a chadlite to experience inceldom are: residence in a jurisdiction with an extremely high uneven adult sex ratio wherein freemixing is banned, or being in a sex-segregated environment such as prison or working on an all-male oil rig etc.

Some Chadlites can get closer to Chad levels by gymmaxxing, or simply by getting a better haircut, taking care of the skin or beardmaxxing.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Unfortunately for men (and society as a whole), not only are many women attracted to the good looks of a Chadlite, but even nefarious qualities such as dark triad and hybristophilia, in other words, an asshole.

One of the main benefits of being a chadlite is that you can do creepy and weird stuff without being called weird or creepy - instead weird or creepy behaviour is referred to as captivating when done by a chadlite.

Non-looks[edit | edit source]

Some men become chadlites through status instead of looks. For example, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, initially appears to be all-round a physically average normie, and due to his weird quirks (such as the few times he went nude) he might even fall into low-tier normie territory if he was a commoner. But because his social status is so high, he falls into chadlite territory. Similarly, Jonah Falcon, at first glance appears to be at least nearcel. He's ugly, short and mediocre in most ways, yet his enormous penis means he can get laid at the drop of a hat, and women proposition him all the time. There are also situations wherein you have chadlites by some some flukish circumstance rather than anything inherently genetic. In these situational and flukish circumstances, someone who is a normie, even low-tier normies, may elevate their status to full-blown chadlites if there is a lop-sided gender dynamic. A great such example is in the film The Maze Runner via the character Aris Jones. Aris Jones becomes a chadlite after becoming locked into a trial for subjects immune to the Flare, a brain virus, with an all-female trialing group called group B. Give or take, Aris Jones is a normie, but he was incredibly lucky to be locked into the Maze with 8 (or 9) girls, and if the film wasn't rated PG-13, his Casanova pursuits would more likely have been displayed on the screens.

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