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Chadlite examples

A chadlite or "low tier Chad" (or a very high-tier normie), is (roughly) a 7 on the decile scale. Chadlites are often the bare minimum a Becky accepts as a partner these days, and are seen as a "backup plan" in case a Stacy can't find a suitable Chad at a given moment. The rare occasions where it is possible for a chadlite to experience inceldom are: residence in a jurisdiction with an extremely high uneven adult sex ratio wherein freemixing is banned, or being in a sex-segregated environment such as prison or working on an all-male oil rig etc.

Some Chadlites can get closer to Chad levels by gymmaxxing, or simply by getting a better haircut, taking care of the skin or beardmaxxing.

Unfortunately for men (and society as a whole), not only are many women attracted to the good looks of a Chadlite, but even nefarious qualities such as dark triad and hybristophilia, in other words, an asshole.

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