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Editing rules

  • Do not post content violating US/international law (including copyright law). Do not call for violence or other illegal activity.
  • Do not create a page or write about someone under 18.
  • Do not create a page about yourself. Additionally, blatant self promotion in general is discouraged. Aside from creating articles about yourself, examples would be creating articles about obscure forums you obviously own for purposes of self-promotion, linking non-notable YouTube accounts (very low subscriber count) that you own everywhere on the Wiki, and so on. If considered egregious, editing in this way may result in sanctions.
  • The above rule extends to creating articles about incel forum users and celebrities who are judged to fall below the notability threshold, though good faith will be initially assumed here. If in doubt, ask
  • Do not make inflammatory and malicious edits against incels, for example, calling incels 'subhumans', 'genetic trash,' and so on.
  • Do not portray involuntary celibacy as constituting exclusively an online sub-culture as opposed to a life circumstance, as for example Wikipedia does in its article on incels.
  • Incel Wiki is descriptive, not prescriptive
  • Articles about memes or obscure-theories do not need to be descriptive or contain citations. We still expect them to follow the other rules. Whether a meme or obscure theory article stays is not dependent on its accuracy but rather on its entertainment value and the quality of the content.

Editing guidelines

All in all, if you just write descriptive content about subjects relating to inceldom, you will probably be fine.

  • We discourage the deletion of large amounts of text from the body of articles. We try to preserve other people's writing that abides by the rule section above. If you absolutely hate a page or have a completely different view, you can move the text of the page to another page, split controversial pages into two pages (not recommended for large articles), or qualify disagreement in the article itself by saying "x (me) views y as this," however "z views y as this" (more recommended for large articles). This rule particularly applies to A-class articles, editors generally have a freer hand in regards to good faith edits to lower quality articles.
  • Edit wars are generally discouraged, any major disagreements able the content of articles should be thrashed out in the talk pages of the article. If the disagreements seem irreconcilable, the active admin will try to mediate. Anyone that continues edit-warring instead of accepting this mediation will be banned. Be civil with other editors.
  • Humor, readability, stereotype-busting, entertainment, and accuracy are all important. Armchair psychology, hypotheses, original thought, etc. are all fine as well, as long as it's fun to read and not just assertions that are malicious towards incels.
  • When adding ref tags, please add them after punctuation (,.;:?!"), rather than before, without space. Example.<ref>...</ref>
  • Please lean toward lower-case page titles for non-proper-nouns
  • Try to avoid using the full real name of someone if they also use pseudonyms, and especially do not use someone's full name if they have never released it publicly.
  • If you want to use proper references in an article the preferred style is the Harvard university system but any consistent use of a system will do

Account creation

The wiki runs a discord server, also linked under 'chatrooms' on the main page:https://discord.gg/r4GHceK All that is needed to create an account is to enter the chatroom linked above, request an account there, and agree to abide by the wiki rules. If your edits are good and you display good conduct, your edits will be auto-moderated, and you'll be granted image upload permissions.

Existing pages

Remember to link your new pages in existing pages!

Removal of content

If you would like an entire page or image removed, you can PM 'Master' in the forums or on discord. If you are unable to do so, leave a message on the relevant talk page as an anonymous IP about the desire for image or page removal. We will get to your request as soon as we see it.

Other help

The most comprehensive documentary that was ever made about inceldom was The Incel Project, which unfortunately stalled. If you know of some way to retrieve the content, please leave a message on this talk page.


Admins/mods endeavor to monitor & appropriately deal with the material but cannot be online all the time. As such, it is member's responsibility to follow the law. Incel Wiki takes no responsibility for the actions of others in this Wiki.