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In the incelosphere, a normie or normy (plural normies; also sometimes called NPC) is an average person. Normies can be subdivided into low-tier normies (incel-lite), mid-range normies and high-tier normies (or brads), roughly corresponding to ranks 4 through 7 on the decile scale. A broader definition of a normie refers to someone who has an average social life, is a sex haver, consumer of fakestream media, hence often bluepilled.

An equivalent of "normie" is "normalfag", althought the latter has become less and less used since 2016.

Wizardchan/Wizchan users refer to normies as normalfilth.

Terminology[edit | edit source]

As a pejorative, the term normie is used interchangeably with similar terms such as norman, normbro, lamestreamer, normfag, Chris, or normalfag. The normie is also known as an NPC, or in the case of a credulous male low-tier normies, a bluepilled beta male; or with credulous female low-tier normies, a bluepilled beta female.

Pejorativeness[edit | edit source]

In terms of personality, the outward poise of the normie often resembles the character of one who attempts to enact the comportments of the archetype of the virtue signaler. The average person may ask themselves, "why is the term normie considered a pejorative when its etymology implies you're conventional?" Well, the answer to the question is that from an outsiders perspective, the normie archetype (i.e. being normal) is characterized by being impressionable, especially to social norms. The reason why non-normies view being impressionable as an encumbrance on the rest of society is that we live in the era of MSM (mainstream media). Technically, this isn't in and of itself a problem. However, in practise, and in light of decades (or even centuries) of experience pertaining to MSM, the public has become so distrustful of the mass media that you regularly get neologists who coin suggestive terms which indicate how obnoxious they find it. These include words like fakestream media, infoganda (blend of propaganda + info), presstitution, etc.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Normies are those embarrassments that listen to protest songs like "Pretender" and make a "fuck da man" post on social media about it. They often claim underdog status but are above the center of the social hierarchy. By and large, normies love to play a game of cat and mouse with reality; mostly virtue signalling and talking themselves up while burning strawmen they collectively target because they're told to. Normies usually don't like to acknowledge incels IRL or the side effects of inceldom.

What is overtly normal and what is covertly normal are two very different things. For example, in public, normies will say that banging a family member is nasty. But in private, porn website data shows that people are extremely interested in fauxcest-themed content.

Minor success objects[edit | edit source]

Male normies, failing at being sex objects, go for being a success object by wageslaving for 40 years. They will have at least a small degree of physical attractiveness to women. Enough, at least, for being intimate with a random woman who's drunk at a bar after an hour of 'game' aka manipulation. They'll often find someone willing to accept their money, have kids, and pretend everything is fine when they force their way of life down your throat while simultaneously bitching to anybody that'll listen about everything under the sun.

They often try to copy Chad, and when doing so become Tanner.

Synonyms[edit | edit source]

Although being a normie usually typifies being well-adjusted to societies norms, thereby at a first glance, making the normie archetype seem kosher, the lingering allure of counterculture impugns this perception. This lingering divulgence, and even deeper outright disdain can be seen in some of the synonyms and near-synonyms which exist for the term normie:

  • Lamestreamer (unoriginal)
  • Fakestreamer (consumer of fake news)
  • Normalfag (unpleasant)
  • Sheeple (gullible)
  • Mundane (boring)
  • Normophiliac (non-kinky / vanilla)
  • Average Joe /Jane (non-offensive)
  • NPC (such a normie you're damn near robotic)
  • Bluepiller (exhibiting typical normie-think)

Antonyms[edit | edit source]

The antonym of the word normie in the sense it is used in the lookist communities is ugly person. Its antonym in a general sense is counterculturalist.

Telling incels to rope[edit | edit source]


They'll slink off to tell everyone they were right about you being a loser when you try to tell them as much (probably on reddit). There is no winning when dealing with a normie because, holy fucking shit, if you come close they will try very hard to ruin your life.

As of the advent of shitposting on the internet, normies will form Lynch mobs to fuck with people just to flex their muscles. Beware, because the whole time they're working nonstop to get men on the bottom of the social ladder to kill themselves as they often get bored of just cock-blocking low-status men.

It's their ego that makes them shit out advice. Their ego makes them pretend they give a fuck about ANYTHING. Because even if you ally with the normalfags, they will inevitably betray you. They also claim the high ground while doing so, of course.

Common normie tropes[edit | edit source]

I watch a lot of videos on incels, and I feel like they need help. I help them by making witty comments on Youtube.


If you’re looking for hookups, women will judge you based on your looks. But when it comes to a serious long term relationship, looks don't matter, so just say you're looking longterm :)


The problem with incels is relentless misogyny and toxic behaviour towards woman, everyone knows assholes never get laid.


Have you tried taking a shower bro? lol


So what if some male model is getting 300 matches on tinder? This does not affect you.


This house looks nice and all... but it's only got 1 bathroom. What if i have to wait 5 mins to take a shit?


Oh my gosh. did you see the new wedding ring Tyler got me? A child in Sierra Leone died for it.


Woman will step over nice guys, so don't be nice. Just make peace with this predatory behavior.


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