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An acnecel is someone for whom acne has been one of the contributing factors leading to their inceldom.

Coping and solutions[edit | edit source]

Acnecels often use Accutane and other medications to cope with their acne. Accutane does cure acne in some patients. The side effects of Accutane include suicide, but this is often attributed to dissatisfaction with physical appearance. Other things have been shown to reduce acne, such as eliminating high glycemic-load foods[1] (mild/moderate reduction), selenium/vitamin E dual supplementation[2], and omega-3 supplementation.[3] Only after after introduction of Western habits, such as an increased consumption of sweet soda, beef, dairy products and processed foods, acne lesions were diagnosed in the Inuit indian population.[4] High IGF-1 blood serum levels are correlated with acne, and dairy products increase IGF-1 in the blood.[5] Consumption of large amounts of fish and seafood has been shown to reduce acne.[6]

tl;dr if you eat healthier, your acne will probably get better



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