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The heightpill (a subset of the blackpill) is the realization that females prefer men who are much taller than average, that a man's height is a hard limit to his attractiveness, and that females feel visceral disgust toward manlets.

Intro[edit | edit source]


Originating from the biological needs of femoids, it concludes that manlets (men who rank in the bottom half in terms of height) are heavily disadvantaged in dating unless they have a Chad face or have high status. This is because women are sexual gatekeepers and their near universal natural preference for tall men means that dating down in height is nearly impossible for men in a society that encourages natural female sexuality. For the depraved female species, the manlet cutoff might as well be under 6 foot even, thanks to hypergamy.

Origins[edit | edit source]

From the evolutionary psychological overview, foids would want a tall man because they’ll think “he’ll be stronger and better able to ward off physical threats to his family”.[1] While this might not be that relevant anymore in modern societies, the natural instincts of women are still prevalent in their mating choices. No matter how much manlets gymcel, they’ll always be viewed as “overcompensating” wimps with a napoleon complex. It never even began for them!

Tallfaggot advantage in online dating[edit | edit source]

Stating your height in an online dating profile could fuck you over badly if you’re a manlet. According to a particular dating app, firstmet, the ideal height related to most matches in males was 6’2” Specifically, they said:

A man who is 6’2″ is 17% more likely to be contacted than a man of average height (5’8″) and 57% more likely to be contacted than a man under 5’5”[2]

If you are under 5'6". you are exponentially less attractive than average men[edit | edit source]


In a study on humans published in Animal Studies, it was shown that men who are between 5'3"-5'6" are anywhere from 10x-3x less attractive than average height men. And just because of their height.[3]

Female reaction to manlets on social media[edit | edit source]


The twitter account[4] commonly showed how judgemental women are toward manlets, even being distrustful of their personality or intentions just because they’re vertically disadvantaged.

FHO’s don’t even see us as worthy of any respect.

Manlet disadvantage in dating and even betabuxxing[edit | edit source]

A marriage is more likely to be successful if the male partner is tall. Women just feel happier about it. Several studies in Asia completely proved this hypothesis.[5][6]

If even in not quite hypergamous nations manlets are screwed, then imagine the horror they have to face in western nations.

A Dutch case[edit | edit source]

Normies commonly suggest that Europeans, especially the Dutch, became tall due to external factors such as a great supply of nutrients. As we delve deep into evolutionary psychology, we find out that the main reason as to why Dutch men are tall these days is because short Dutch men barely even reproduced. A study which analyzed the number of kids received by men of different heights in the Netherlands concluded that:

“Our results suggest that... taller men have higher fertility compared with shorter men. It therefore seems plausible to suggest that natural selection may have acted on the Dutch population, and helped drive the Dutch toward taller heights”.[7]

Television reportage about male height and dating[edit | edit source]

A TV reportage shows the heightpill by interviewing scientists, as well as conducting an experiment, proving that below 5'3, it is literally over, no matter what:

Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

If you have this property in your body with these four letters, you are perceived as significantly more romantic by your bare presence, and you do not have to settle for misery:

t. a. l. l.
Top all limerance leverage

Your body needs these four letters!

Women tend to pronounce “tall” in a soft and romantic way.

Other possibilities[edit | edit source]

  • H.e.i.g.h.t.:
    • High society
    • elegance
    • imperator
    • genetics
    • hoarder of women
    • testosterone

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