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When men have something women have less of, such as money or power, women simply take it by force. It's called affirmative action and feminists believe it's right. What women have that men don't is of course sex.

21st century[edit]

The 21st century has created several confusing magnifiers of the term rape. The invention of camera phones has brought the inception of the nakie, nelfie (naked selfies) or sexfie (sex selfie), or buttfie or belfie (nude butt selfie) or pelfie (a pussy or penis selfie), which has resulted in kids getting arrested for inappropriate pics of themselves while underage, thus necessitating the term "self-rape".

It has gotten so that in order to specify the traditional sense of the term rape, it is no longer sufficient to use the term rape, but one needs to tag it as "rape-rape" if you want the original sense of "forced sex".

Feminist lies about rape[edit]

Feminist females stupidly expand the definition of "rape" as being any sex they later regret, which is psychotic and evil. Often just a sexual encounter with an ugly or disappointing male or a voluntary encounter which unexpectedly lead to pregnancy, or literally any sexual encounter for any reason just cuz day-after-feels. The very same physical actions on the man's part could see him categorized either as a great lover or rapist depending on the later claimed emotional response of the female. Since it is not possible to objectively examine an emotional response, it follows that most rape cases are now prosecuted on spectral evidence, similar to the Salem witch trials.

Rape Fantasies[edit]

BDSM is basically the sexual equivalent of junk food for women

While females don't want to be raped, most females (most of which aren't feminist) naturally like manly men who take charge of them and do what they want to them, not feminine men begging them for sex and asking their permission nanosecond by nanosecond. Although even though this is a natural thing for women, it doesn't mean it's good, or that women should desire men this way. In fact, women's natural extreme sexual submission to men is generally unhealthy to them and men. Enough women are so naturally submissive that most erotic fiction aimed at females contains rape or quasi-rape scenes and females getting off on being raped is well known in criminology circles. While rape fantasies could be due to child abuse or sexual harassment, men also get abused and sexually harassed, but rape fantasies are pretty gendered.

Modern female fantasies of extreme submission are often accompanied by ridiculous neuroses about men having to fix their financial problems. See 50 Shades of Grey becoming the best selling book ever after the financial crash. A story women masturbated to globally about a poor woman entering a sex slavery contract to pay for college.

Rape Baiting[edit]

Women often blame men for Rape Culture but so far not one woman has taken action to shut down a subreddit full of women ([1]) who try to get men to want to rape and actually think they are raping women. But females and numales on Reddit successfully shut down /r/incels because of one rape-fantasy related post posted by a troll.

Screenshot of a female's description of trying to get a man to want to rape her by feeding him drinks and 'baiting' him, ending in him thinking he is raping her (screenshot from /r/rapekink)


Rape and Incels[edit]

While incels do not support rape outside a vocal minority of reprehensible incels who defend it... Involuntary celibacy is much more painful for men than rape is for women. Deprivation is much more agonizing than discomfort. This does not excuse rapists, but it is something women don't understand.

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