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When men have something women have less of, such as money or power, women simply take it by force. It's called affirmative action and feminists believe it's right. What women have that men don't, is of course sex.

Feminist lies about rape[edit | edit source]

BDSM is basically the sexual equivalent of junk food for women

Definition creep[edit | edit source]

Over time, feminists have expanded the definition of "rape" as being any sex they later regret. Not rarely, a sexual encounter with an ugly male will later be declared as rape because of day-after-feels. This may also be a convenient strategy for females when their acts of infidelity are exposed. If they can convince the police to classify their infidelity as a "rape", then it is far easier to receive money of the legal system and sympathy. This way, a loophole was created that is bound to be exploited by psychopathic women.

A study suggested women perceive harassment from physically unattractive males as more frightening and harassment from attractive men more enjoyable, which may suggest women use similar criteria to decide what counts a rape.[1]

The invention of camera phones has brought the inception of self-pornographization, which has resulted in kids getting arrested for inappropriate pics of themselves while underage, thus necessitating the term "self-rape" (unironically).[2]

Some feminists even call sexual harassment a form of rape and sexual violence.

It has gotten to a point that, in order to specify the traditional sense of the term rape as "violently coerced sex", it is no longer sufficient to use the term rape, but one needs to call it "rape-rape".

"Women never lie about being raped"[edit | edit source]

Since it is not possible to objectively examine an emotional response, it follows that most rape cases are now prosecuted on spectral evidence, relying solely on the accusations of the alleged victim, but women are truthful after all, so one should always "believe women". There are also laws being passed in many gynocentric societies (e.g. in France) that prohibit cross-examination of the victim in such cases, so the defendant is severely hamstrung in his defense.

In regards to academic research on the prevalence of false accusations, O'Donahue (2019), conducted a careful review of the literature on the topic and concluded that 2–41% of accusations may be false, thus he called for more research into the topic, stating that much of the current research suffered from clear methodical flaws.[3]

"Women never provoke rape"[edit | edit source]

Contrary to feminist claims, there is lots of evidence that women like to provoke sexual attention of other men, often indeed with the intention of being forced into sex. The threat of rape is integral part of women's expectations in sex as a famous feminist admitted:

Part of the thrill of sex for a woman is the danger of it—the fact that she is risking rape. […] Woman's flirtatious arts of self-concealment mean man's approach must take the form of rape.

Camille Paglia

Rape hysteria[edit | edit source]

Feminists commonly assume that even mild forms of rape are some of the worst crimes of all, comparable to murder, which is likely a major overstatement. No doubt, rape by strangers, kidnapping, permanent physical trauma, death etc. should be treated as crimes with appropriate severity (i.e. assault and murder), but these do not represent the majority cases of rape. The most common outcome is that the victim shows resilience, i.e. neither physical nor psychological harm in the long term. In fact, one meta study of N = 55 studies found child sexual abuse accounts for only 1% of the variance in later psychological outcomes, whereas family environment accounted for 5.9% of the variance.[4][5][6][7] Women who do develop PTSD in mild cases may often already have had a disposition for high neuroticism, which may often only be worsened by a highly dramatized social response to rape.

The severity with which rape is socially ostracized is thus likely disproportional to the overall harm caused by rape, since violent rape is rare and is committed by a tiny subset of men, and thus it is mostly a moral panic. All of this is complicated by the fact that most women have rape fantasies and appear to sometimes provoke it. Wendy McElroy suggested that rape hysteria has inflicted harm on women themselves.[8] Rape hysteria may also be an unnecessary burden on the mental development of young men[9] and may contribute to deteriorating romantic lives due to the additional fear of being falsely accused of rape or harassment, causing a shyness to approach women, but also unfulfilled women. Arguably, men experiencing such shyness also have a predisposition for high neuroticism.

Hysteria about child abuse is also highly prevalent. There are reports of "out of control" child abuse teams at children's hospitals (probably mostly women), who are too quick to report minor injuries as abuse to authorities.[10] The push to pathologize hebephilia, in particular, which affects at least 20% of males,[11] has been suggested to be driven by a "punitive era of moral panic", as claimed by forensic psychologist Karen Franklin, "a textbook example of subjective values masquerading as science" (though referring to the sexual interest, not rape).[12]

The prevalence of rape and abuse hysteria may stem from sexual liberation as it ended the historically highly prevalent sexual segregation,[13] leading to more friction surface between the sexes. This liberation began primarily as a "freedom to risk rape", but over time, the goal post was moved to transforming the entire public sphere into a safe space for women[14] which increasingly meant policing men's overall behavior. Rape hysteria may also stem from the greater prevalence of women in politics as women seem to be generally more prone to group think and hysteria,[15] possibly also stemming from women's motherly instinct to protect the offspring. Accusations of paraphilias may also result from adaptations for intrasexual competition between men in terms of gossip about being abnormal.

Evolution[edit | edit source]

Tendencies to rape and desires to be raped are more common in humans and animals than commonly assumed. This suggests rape is an adaptive behavior, i.e. a behavior that evolved because it enabled males and females to reproduce more often in the past.

Rape can be observed in many other animals, even in our closest relatives, such as pans (chimpanzees and bonobos).[16][17] Adolescent male orangutans leverage their higher mobility compared to heavier and fully developed males to rape orangutan females.[18] Although typically solitary apes, female orangutans often seek to form transitory pair-bonds with imposing males to protect themselves from rapist male orangutans.[19] Similar behavioral mechanisms are argued to be salient in regards to female humans mate preferences (bodyguard hypothesis).[20] In human history, many countries had "marry your rapist laws" which protected rapists from legal sanction, if they married (or in some cases merely promised to marry) their victims. Some countries still currently enforce these laws.[21] As much as 35% of men admit they would commit rape in certain contexts, if there was no repercussion, and likely even more would actually do it when accounting for social desirability bias.[22]

There exists some evidence that women are more likely to conceive from rape intercourse then consensual intercourse which may be evidence of the adaptiveness of rape.[23][24] For obvious reasons, this is a very controversial subject to study (with feminists employing the Naturalistic Fallacy to condemn such findings - i.e they argue that if rape is 'natural' then it must be good, ergo researchers into these matters are encouraging rape) and the evidence for this assertion is mixed. Gottschall& Gottschall, using data from a national telephone survey of violence against women in the United States, found that there was a double (6.4% versus 3.1%) rate of conception from acts of rape vs consensual intercourse. The researchers controlled for the possible confounding variable of birth control (i.e that the increased conception risk was explained by rape victims being less likely to be on birth control.) The researchers explained the finding by speculating that the rapists are especially targeting women that are ovulating, but the finding could also be explicable by rape inducing ovulation in women. This may be also possibly explained by the theory that chemicals in rapist's semen induce ovulation in the women subsequent to an act of rape.

Evolutionary psychology can provide potential explanations for rape and rape fantasies:

  • Male dominance/female surrender: This is a basic pattern in the animal world in which the male must present a display of dominance, pursue, and sometimes physically subdue the female and overcome her coyness (Helen Fisher, 1999).[25] Irenäus Eibl-Eibesfeldt (1989) suggests this behavior comes from from primitive brain regions that have evolved to ensure successful mating in reptiles, birds, and mammals.[26][27] Helen Fisher also suggests that females may have a natural desire to surrender to a selected, dominant male.[25] Women may prefer a potential of threat from their males to test his ability to defend against other males, being the physically weaker sex (bodyguard hypothesis). The trope of the female taming the ruthless man is also extremely common in erotic literature for women.[28] There is evidence that male-perpetrated female-directed violence may allow greater sexual access to a female.[29] Women's fantasies to be raped hence merely represent their desire to be captured by the strongest male among a wide variety of men she tests. Hence, rape fantasies go hand in hand with sluttiness.
  • Warfare: During warfare common between ancestral tribes, men of both high and low status could likely vastly increase their reproductive success by raping the captured women with little fear of reprisal. Some have also proposed that men's tendency to rape during war can be seen as a mechanism that promotes in-group cohesion by having men break a powerful social taboo together.[30] The nearly universal prevalence of rape during the history of human warfare may also have exerted selection pressures that led to women being naturally submissive to violent men and more responsive to male violence or sexual coercion.[31] Women who resisted rape when their group was overrun by another would have been at a greater risk of being killed, resulting in these women's more assertive genes being purged. Those women who committed suicide out of shame in response to being raped (like the Roman noblewoman Lucretia, whose rape led to the overthrow of the Roman monarchy and the advent of the republic) would obviously also experience severely truncated reproductive careers, so this is a highly unlikely natural response.
  • Bateman's principle: Men's urge to rape may also have evolved because men have less parental investment, which was proposed by Donald Symons (1979).[32] Men do not need to give birth to the offspring nor care for it, hence can increase their reproductive success by impregnating/raping many women and let other people care for the offspring (a socially parasitic reproductive strategy). For this reason, women evolved a natural disgust of being raped by ugly men. But women have likely also evolved to prefer healthy and good looking rapists because the tendency to rape will be passed on and enable high reproductive success in the offspring as well. This may explain why most women have secret desires to be raped (by good looking men that is). Women's preference for rape may hence be a co-evolved sexual preference to this (and equally socially parasitic as someone else has got to provide).
  • Positive feedback: Positive-feedback in sexual selection may have reinforced this sexual strategy since women have a natural tendency to expose themselves to rapists and copulating with a rapist produces more rapist male offspring. This forms a feedback loop in women's heritable desire to be raped, i.e. there is evolutionary pressure for women to find rapists attractive for the sole reason that other women will find their rapist offspring attractive. Such feedback could be initiated by an initial slight reproductive advantage e.g. due to Bateman's principle as discussed above. Another relation of rape to positive feedback could be that runaway selected ornament this way makes sexy women a sufficiently desirable vehicle for ones genes (due to the prospect on producing sexy daughters) that it can make up for the risk of facing negative social consequences or even death. As a result, women's rape fantasies may consist in taking pride in being physically attractive enough that a man is willing to take these risks.
  • Relationship coercion: Quite diametrical to the notion of Bateman's principle, Smuts (1992) suggested men might also use rape and coercion to force their woman to be faithful and to gain long-term exclusive sexual access to avoid being cuckolded by intimidation. Evidence for this hypothesis is for example that the rapist is often an acquaintance or partner, rather than a stranger or sexually deprived male, and that a sizable portion of women continue relationships with such a partner.
  • Zahevian/costly signal: The ability to rape may also act as a costly signal of physical strength and high status, and may tie into women's preference for low-empathy men. Some evidence for this hypothesis may be provided by studies finding that women are more likely to subsequent date men that successfully rape them vs men who attempt and fail to rape them, with Ellis, Widmayer, and Palmer (2009) finding that of North American female college students who reported being raped, 19.4% of women who successfully resisted the attacker vs 27.2% of women who failed to stop the assault reported subsequent acts of sexual intercourse with the attacker. [33]
  • Sexual deprivation: Sexual deprivation may urge men to rape as suggested by Thornhill and Palmer (2000). However, this has been disputed recently.[34] Men may also rape in order to satisfy a fetish for violent and coercive sex, out of a psychopathic drive for high levels of sexual stimulation (these rapists typically being sexually experienced), or men being driven in some cases to rape their partner when they suspect cuckoldry,[35] in order to compete with the male rival for impregnation of their partner.[36]

Rape fantasies[edit | edit source]

Women's rape fantasies

Dr. Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, a former Google data scientist analyzed PornHub's search and views data and he found that women were more than twice as likely as men to search for videos where women are abused or forced to participate in nonconsensual sex. Women preferred videos with tags like "painful anal crying", "public disgrace", "extreme brutal gangbang", "forced", or "rape". 25% of all straight porn searches by women were for videos featuring violence against women and 5% of searches by women are for content portraying nonconsensual sex. [37]

A team of researchers from the University of North Texas and University of Notre Dame played 355 young women. They found that overall, 62% of participants reported having a rape fantasy of some type (see figure on the right). Of the women who reported having the most common rape fantasy ("being overpowered or forced by a man to surrender sexually against my will"), 40% had it at least once a month and 20% had it at least once a week.[38][39][40][41] Women might even underreport such fantasies due to social desirability bias, so there may be a lot more women experiencing such fantasies.

While females may not actually want to be raped, most females (even many/most feminists) naturally like manly men who take charge of them and do what they want to them, not feminine men begging them for sex and asking their permission nanosecond by nanosecond. Another interesting point is that most erotic fiction aimed at females contains rape or quasi-rape scenes. Moreover, up to 50% of women report receiving an orgasm during rape.[42] 50 Shades of Grey has become the best selling books ever and it is a fiction story about a poor woman entering a sex slavery contract to pay for college. Women across the world likely masturbated to this literary crap. These kinds of romance novels marketed at women account in fact for 40% of mass paperback sales in the United States.[43] Women also have a keen interest in crime reports. On Reddit, one finds women are strongly overrepresented on e.g. /r/truecrime, but strongly underrepresented on /r/police, which means interest in law enforcement cannot explain this pattern.[44]

In two small surveys, men have also reported fantasies to be raped or dominated (10-20%),[45][46] however there is an important distinction to be made: Nearly all men are stronger than all women,[47] which suggests men's fantasies are not really about being physically overwhelmed, but rather a desire not having to be as active, which is pretty much impossible to fulfill.[48]

Rape baiting[edit | edit source]

Feminists often blame men for the prevalence of a "rape culture", but curiously, so far not a single woman has taken action to shut down a subreddit full of women fantasizing and telling real life stories about getting raped. Of course, females and numales on Reddit have successfully shut down the first incel subreddit /r/incels because of one rape-fantasy related post posted by a troll.

Below is one of many female's descriptions from the subreddit /r/rapekink, of successfuly getting a man to want to rape her by feeding him drinks and 'baiting' him (direct link, archived version):

So I had my party last weekend. […] I started acting like I'm crashing, leaning against the counter, acting like I couldn't tell that the way I was leaning a LOT of my cleavage was visible. […] I started being more aggressively flirty with one of the guys, giggling drunkenly at his jokes, touching his arm, brushing his crotch with my arm and so on, then I took him to my room and started making out on my bed. […] I told him to leave my room and fell back on the bed. He left the room, turning the light off on his way out. I was so disappointed. […] I just laid there for a few minutes, wondering if I could have played it differently. Then I heard the door open. […] He tapped me a bit on the shoulder, seemingly checking if I was really asleep. I didn't react. He ran his finger down my shoulder, down my back and oh my god, I was so tense, but kept still. […] He was on top of me and starred at me. It was the guy from earlier. He stared at me for a second and then just kept going, thrusting into me hard and fast. He pushed his arm against my chest, which actually constricted me quite a lot and just kept fucking me. I was so into it I didn't quite have the energy to struggle much, […] I came so hard.

Rape and incels[edit | edit source]

The vast majority of incels do not support rape with very few exceptions. Many, however, assume that involuntary celibacy is more painful for men than rape is for women. Deprivation is much more agonizing than discomfort that passes. This does not excuse rapists, but it is something women don't understand.

Several lines of research seem to disprove the notion that sexually unsuccessful men are more likely to be driven to rape out of desperation: Lalumière et al. (1996) conducted a study that found that sexually coercive men were more sexually successful, and had a higher self-perceived mate value.[34] Another study on male college students (N =795) found that men who confessed to having previously raped or engaged in acts of sexual coercion also typically reported having more sexual partners than control men. While some of these rapists were recidivists, so their acts of rape would have served to also inflate their self-reported partner count, "number of sex partners" was found to be a significant predictor of likelihood of having previously carried out acts of sexual violence.[49] Ellis, Widmayer & Palmer (2009) found that rapists reported a much greater number of lifetime sex partners (both mean and median) compared to non-rapists, though this may have been influenced by the fact that the authors didn't exclude non-heterosexual males from the sample.[33]

Given that the majority of rapes of women (at least in the United States) are reported to be committed by acquaintances of the victims rather than strangers,[50] and incels frequently report being shunned even from platonic relations with women, one could speculate that the inordinate fear some feminists have of incels committing acts of sexual violence is not caused by their fear of the act itself, but their primordial terror of being impregnated by what they see as 'inferior' men. It also important to note that hitherto none of the mass killers who self-identified as incels committed any acts of sexual violence against women prior to the execution of their massacres, despite their suicidal/homicidal intentions, and the obvious lack of non-metaphysical consequences for such deeds after their deaths.

Memes and art[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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