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Whitemaxxing is any attempt by a non-white person to look more caucasian, for the purpose of increasing SMV. In fact, according to Blackpill white men are shown to have a greater success in dating. The adherents of JBW theory have suggested several looksmaxxing techniques to climb the racial hierarchy in the dating scene.

Milder forms[edit | edit source]

  • Wearing light color contact lenses
  • Dying hair with a lighter color
  • Taking one's dating profile picture in a brightly colored room, thereby perceptionally decreasing one's melanin.
  • Wearing darker clothing, thereby increasing the contrast with one's skin color
  • For subsaharan males, making sure one's hair length doesn't exceed 3 mm, thereby hiding the kinkiness of one's hair

Drastic forms[edit | edit source]

  • legally changing one's name to hide the immigrant background

For dark-skinned men[edit | edit source]

  • bleaching one's skin with hydroquinone
  • avoiding the sunlight by staying inside until sunset for the entirety of the summer

For asian men[edit | edit source]

  • Undergoing double eyelid surgery to get rid of epicathic folds (in slang called slanty eyes)

For subsaharan men[edit | edit source]

  • Bleaching skin as mentioned above
  • Getting a rhinoplasty to achieve a thin nose
  • Getting a surgical lip size reduction

here you can see an example of whitemaxxing stack

Famous Examples of Whitemaxxing[edit | edit source]

Michael Jackson's transformation is the most notable example of Whitemaxxing: infact the King of Pop used hidroquinone for decades, until he ended up being as white as snow. Furthermore he tried to look more white by reducing his nose base and lip size.

Whitemaxxing and JBW theory[edit | edit source]

References to whitemaxxing started out by JBWers and ethnicel proponents of the JBW theory. According to ethnicels, this theory essentially states that whites have an easier time in the dating scene (and as such might hint at blackpillness). Much of the back and forth disquisition between ethnicels in JBW platforms harangues on ethnicels competing with other hapless thirsties for brownie points on "who has it worse". This often hinges on the placement of right-facing guillemets, whereby it is presupposed that the concepts placed after each guillemet has a lesser significance for SMV than the once placed before it, thereby (presumably) making the concept on the left deserving of more pity. For example, an ethnicel who thinks JBW theory or racepill is more pivotal in the dating scene than other traits, would write "race > height > face > wealth". On the other hand, a shortcel hinged on heightpill might write "height > race > face > wealth". Note the ethnicel JBW theorist placed race first whereas the heightpill theorist placed height first.

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