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Eyes are "one of the pair of organs of seeing in the faces of humans and animals"[1]

Some consider eyes the single most important trait which determines a human male's attractiveness, with some claiming it is more important than the lower third. Not everyone agree with those claims; for example, others claim other parts such as the jaw is what is the most important in one's attractiveness.

Parts of the eye[edit | edit source]

There are four orbital rims on the eye socket.

It also includes the cheekbones.

Ideal[edit | edit source]

The ideal eye is not bulging; it appears deep-set by orbital rim protrusion (for both sexes). However, bulging eyes aren't bad if you have good bone structure surrounding the eyes. One could have, high, forward-projecting cheekbones but still bulging eyes.

Hooded eyes lack a visible upper eyelid crease. Some argue that it's an aesthetic benefit, though it probably doesn't have any significant impact.

Canthal tilt has a significant impact in male judgments of female attractiveness.[2]

Eye theory[edit | edit source]

Some people, like Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, have shitty profiles, but their above-average eyes make them above-average overall.

Color and limbal ring[edit | edit source]

A study concluded that blue eyes are objectively attractive, as per the stereotype. This is related to the fact that with blue eyes during the day the pupil is most clearly visible.[3] Also, a study concluded that color blue eyes does not increase trust physiognomy.[4]

2 studies show that darker and larger limbal rings around the eyes are more attractive. The study showed women actually, have a revulsion toward faces that lack limbal rings! Especially in a short term mating context.[5][6] Limbal ring thickness fades with age.

Types of eyes[edit | edit source]

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