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0/10 woman getting floods of messages on the dating site Plenty of Fish

Juggernaut law is the theory that the very most unattractive women (bottom ~10%) receive a surprisingly large amount of attention from men, and sometimes more attention than average attractiveness women, because of the increasing amount of men who aren’t good enough for any woman who is even a tiny bit attractive. A conclusion of this theory is that being horrendously ugly can actually be a good thing to femoids. This obviously isn’t the case for men, as described by female hypergamy.

In online dating[edit | edit source]

A study from the popular dating app okcupid analyzed the phenomenon of the juggernaut law perfectly.

The study came up with this conclusion:

“When some men think you’re ugly, other men are more likely to message you. And when some men think you’re cute, other men become less interested. Why would this happen? Perhaps a little game theory can explain:

Suppose you’re a man who’s really into someone. If you suspect other men are uninterested, it means less competition. You therefore have an added incentive to send a message.

On the other hand, a woman with a preponderance of ‘4’ votes [out of 5], someone conventionally cute, but not totally hot, might appear to be more in-demand than she actually is. To the typical man considering her, she’s obviously attractive enough to create the impression that other guys are into her, too.” [1]

Pig woman experiment[edit | edit source]

The infamous “pig woman” dating experiment proved that females can’t essentially be incels, since even the most deformed landwhale would get hit on by average looking dudes. The experiment best highlights juggernaut law.


What’s the deal?[edit | edit source]

Males naturally have high testosterone and a desire to spread their unlimited sperm cells, juggernaut law states that men might feel they have a higher shot with a woman who’s plainly average, or even ugly. Juggernaut law has even been shown to be true, even for women who have deformities), because there are plenty of men who exclusively target very ugly women

In real life and betabuxxing[edit | edit source]

Even in marriage, a study in Spain concluded that:

“Being unattractive reduced the probability of mating for males by between 15 and 17 points, when compared to the more attractive group, and 10 points compared to those with an average attractiveness level. There was a statistically significant difference between the most attractive group and the normal group in favour of the former, which included education level, age and social class of origin.”

“Among women, physical attractiveness did not matter when it came to mating. There were no statistically significant differencee between them in terms of their attractiveness.” [2]

As a result, actual research shows that females tend to be extremely hypocritical when judging men as the gender that’s more superficial.

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