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SEAmaxxx (South-East-Asia-maxx) or SEAmaxxing is the practice for a man of improving one's dating chances as a Westerner by dating in South East Asia. Dating in South East Asia is an almost guaranteed way to acquire a girlfriend if one has some money, is above average height, and White. Native South East Asian men are often associated with low-incomes, short stature, and small penises; the exact opposite of what women naturally want. Asian girls lust after white men with Nerdic Nordic looks.

Some non-White men (such as Koreans, Japanese, light-skinned deathnics) can also do well in SEA, as long as they are lighter skinned than the local male population. SEAmaxxing is a form of sexpatting.

Thailand[edit | edit source]

Thailand is recognized as the best place for Westerners to get a girlfriend out of all the SEA countries (or all countries for that matter) and as Tutorial Island for dating, with the Phillipines a close second. This is because of Thailand's first world quality health care, and relatively good English-speaking among the population compared to other SEA countries.

itsOVER goes to Thailand[edit | edit source]

itsOVER and one of his girlfriends. user itsOVER claims he had sex with 10 girls on a 22 day stay in Thailand, most of them through Tinder. He failed to get sex using Tinder in the the UK. He posted his full trip log on here.
Other users have gone to Thailand, including Limerencel, who is currently dating someone from there. user Dylan moved to Thailand after saving up enough money and now lives with his 3/10 Asian gf.

Slavic women[edit | edit source]

Some incels waste their entire life savings and go into debt chasing after the stereotype of Eastern European or Russian women being easy. Eastern European and Russian women are not easy, SEA women are. Eastern European and Russian women feign being easy while sucking you dry (of money, not anything else). Eastern European men are not as displeasing to Eastern European women as SEA men are to SEA women. Ukraine is actually harder for incels than Thailand, despite Ukraine being MUCH MUCH poorer than Thailand, and an actual war-torn hell on earth.

CRP's claims of "Shit Test Passing"[edit | edit source]

CRP claimed in 2019[1] that Ukraine's women are easy to get for Non-slavic Europeans and Whites. Later in 2021[2] he noted that they are easier to attract, but also are more likely to Shit test people, and that Betabux is frowned upon, looks don't matter, whilst Dominance is respected. The major caveat is that Slavic women shall never touch the western border, as they are more likely to become Feminists.

Downsides of SEAmaxxing[edit | edit source]


Seeking Asian women as an alternative to white Western women is not always a good idea. There are a number of downsides to dating/marrying Asian women, as a result of Asian culture and genetics: Males of mixed Asian and white heritage tend to be shorter, less muscular, and generally more feminized in appearance. This may result in half-white-half-Asian young men finding themselves in the same position as their white incel father.

Many Asian parents have high expectations for the men their daughters date/marry. Some Asian parents may never respect a white son-in-law. Many Asian parents heavily value a prestigious college/university education as a status symbol (rather than for utilitarian purposes).

Many Asian families may expect reverence for Asian spirituality/superstition. For example, many Chinese people take the Chinese zodiac very seriously and plan their lives in accordance with it. Some Asian belief systems reject Western medicine.

Asian accents have a tendency to be high-pitched, nasally, and staccato, which may be a turn-off to some men.

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