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Hitler portrait crop.jpg
Name: Adolf Hitler
Date of Birth: 20 April 1889
Occupation: Dictator
Ethnicity: German
IQ: likely >135[1]

Adolf Hitler was a dictator during the early 20th century expansionist and imperialist era and most likely a NEETcel during early adulthood. Historians disagree about whether he ever had sex. It is a common meme that Hitler's inceldom and early failures was the root cause or at least primary motivation for his violent political aspirations and totalitarian instincts.

Hitler as either LGBT or Incel[edit | edit source]

Those who claim Hitler was either queer or an incel bring the following as evidence:

  • Hitler gives no Chad signals
    • Hitler was a failed artist and a weak Bohemian (NEETcel)
    • Hitler had only one testicle and was a dickcel with a micropenis (possibly Intersex)
    • Hitler liked Friedrich Nietzsche who is also an incel
    • During his youth, Hitler had a oneitis for a girl named Stefanie Isak, but he never approached her.
  • Hitler had an oddball marriage
    • Hitler never had a child compared to most other national dictators (e.g. Italy, Spain, Russia)
    • Hitler had a 14-year date with Eva Braun before they got married in a war bunker (possible Beta Orbiter)
    • Eva Braun looks like a Becky and is possibly a "Fag Hag"
    • Hitler sold himself to be a Volcel to the public as a gesture of pureness
  • Hitler may be a Kinkcel
    • Hitler used to have weird relationships with gay man August Kubizek[2]
    • Hitler used to hang around men's hostels that is known for having gay prostitutes
    • Hitler's party was started in a "gay bar"
    • Hitler was surrounded by homosexual bodyguards
  • Hitler may have been medcel
    • Hitler had flatulations and bad breath and received testosterone medication for these conditions before meeting with Eva Braun

However it is politically incorrect to say Hitler as part of the LGBT, as LGBT is part of the mainstream and Fascism is not (The Pink Triangle Narrative).

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