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Name: Adolf Hitler
Date of Birth: 20 April 1889
Occupation: Dictator
Ethnicity: German
IQ: Likely above average[1][2]

Adolf Hitler was a dictator during the early 20th century expansionist and imperialist era and most likely a NEETcel during early adulthood. Historians disagree about whether he ever had sex. It is a common meme that Hitler's inceldom and early failures were the root cause or at least the primary motivation for his violent political aspirations and totalitarian instincts. These sorts of analyses are frequently grounded in Freudian psychoanalyses that attribute authoritarian personality traits to sexual frustration, most notably that of the sexologist and Freudo-Marxist Wilhelm Reich, who argued in his book The Mass Psychology of Fascism that the root of fascist (which he eventually saw Stalinism as an example of) political thought was sexual repression and consequent sublimation of the sex drive into 'authoritarian idealism'.[3]

Hitler as incel or asexual[edit | edit source]

Those who claim Hitler was incel often bring the following as evidence:

  • Hitler gives no Chad signals
  • Hitler was a failed artist (NEETcel) who lived a Bohemian existence as a vagabond during his twenties in Vienna (poorcel).
  • His old army comrade, Ernst Hanfstaengel, claimed that Hitler was a victim of sexual bullying during his military service in the Great War. Bullying of this kind is not uncommonly directed towards sexually unsuccessful men. According to this account, the other soldiers frequently noticed his underdeveloped genitalia during communal showers and called him 'monk' because he was seemingly not interested in chasing after French girls in the countryside as they were. Hanfstaengel recalls a fellow soldier asking Hitler (who was in his mid-late 20s) whether or not he was a virgin. Hitler was said to have applied affirmatively, claiming he "had never had time for anything like that (sex)" and would "never get around to it".
  • Hitler liked Friedrich Nietzsche who is also likely an incel
  • During his youth, Hitler had a oneitis for a girl named Stefanie Isak. He never approached her, according to his then friend August Kubizek, perhaps indicating that Hitler was love shy. Ironically, as indicated by her surname, there is the possibility that Isak was Jewish. Kubizek also claimed that Hitler was so obsessed with her and jealous of her flirtations with other men that he conceived a murder-suicide plot to kidnap her and jump off a bridge with her. His pedastalization of Isak, combined with his seeming inability to make explicit his romantic interest, strongly indicates Hitler often engaged in thought processes and behavior women would generally find creepy and repulsive during his youth if Kubizek's account is deemed trustworthy. Kubizek later became a member of the Nazi Party and seemingly remained loyal to Hitler throughout his life.[4]
  • Hitler had an oddball marriage. A biographer of his wife, Eva Braun, has claimed she suffered from a rare congenital disorder called Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome based on Braun's medical history and letters she wrote to her gynecologist. The disease results in the malformation of the vagina and uterus, making women with this syndrome barren. Vaginal intercourse is also generally too painful for women with this condition.[5]
    The author of the book, Thomas Lundmark, also claimed that Braun was celibate herself and that he could find no evidence she had ever had a romantic relationship, speculating that Hitler used her to shield himself from suspicion surrounding his sexual proclivities.
  • The German diplomat Eugen Dollman claimed Eva Braun confided to him that she had 'no personal intimacy' with Hitler in his memoirs.
  • Hitler had a 14-year date with Eva Braun before they got married in a war bunker (possible Beta Orbiter)
  • In his forties, after dictatormaxxing, he is alleged to have had a sexual relationship with his niece, Geli Raubal, which ended in her suicide. He later declared she was "the only woman he ever loved."[6] Some lurid accounts, at the time spread by his political enemies, including former Nazi party member Otto Strasser, claimed that Hitler was a Kinkcel, expecting Raubal to defecate on him for his sexual enjoyment, which contributed to her suicide. Hitler's controlling and possessive behaviour towards her after he discovered she was having an affair with his partially Jewish Chauffeur, Emil Maurice, together with her seeming lack of sexual attraction to him and his power over her, seems a more plausible contributing factor in her suicide
  • He was claimed to be a masochist who paid actresses to kick him, according to a report authored by US Army psychologist Dr Henry A Murray in 1943.[7]
    Murray drew on first-hand accounts and interviews for the bulk of his report, many of which were sourced from figures previously acquainted with but had since fallen out with Hitler, like his attention-seeking nephew Patrick Hitler and various anonymous sources, many presumably turncoats on the payroll of the OSS (the precursor to the CIA). Such sources are obviously of dubious validity. Historians have often dismissed Murray's heavily Freudian analysis of Hitler's personality. However, Murray correctly predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on Hitler, that he would not sue for peace, and that he would become increasingly reclusive and eventually commit suicide as the war turned against Germany, based on his evaluation of Hitler's character.[8]
    Murray traced the root of his masochistic desires to what Murray viewed as Hitler's underlying passive, feminine nature (contrasted with overt authoritarian posturing) and his self-identification with his abused mother. He also claimed Hitler was impotent and incapable of 'normal' sex.
  • Hitler sold himself to be a Volcel to the public as a gesture of pureness, portraying himself as being married to Germany and focused solely on his historical mission as Germany's leader, with sexual relationships being a distraction towards this end. Many of his contemporaries perceived him as asexual
  • Hitler may have been medcel
  • Hitler had flatulence and bad breath caused by severe digestive issues, perhaps linked to his vegetarian lifestyle. He received testosterone and methamphetamine injections for these conditions from his quack physician, Dr Morrell, before meeting with Eva Braun
  • Hitler was claimed by many, including one of his former schoolmasters, psychoanalysts, and acquaintances, to have strong indications of what would now be called vulnerable narcissism. This trait may be linked to inceldom, as the case of Elliot Rodger shows.
  • Another of his old army comrades, Hans Mend (mentioned below in the homosexual section), claimed that his (Mend's) girlfriend nearly dumped him when they were dining at a cafe together, and Hitler walked in and made it known that he was an acquaintance of Mend. Mend's girlfriend may have been offended by Hitler's manner and his vagabondish appearance, though there is also the impression that she thought Hitler was a homosexual.
  • He had a powerful attachment and affection towards his mother. His inability to correctly individuate himself and free himself from her influence may have impeded his sociosexual development. His childhood Jewish doctor, Edward Bloch (who later treated Hitler's mother when she was dying of breast cancer), stated that "(Hitler's) affection for his mother was his most striking feature [...] I have never seen a stronger attachment between mother and son".

Claims he was homosexual[edit | edit source]

It is also common to assert that Hitler was homosexual or bisexual, usually based on anecdotes from some of his former associates and in reference to the existence of homosexual elements in the early Nazi party (largely the SA):

  • He had a pattern of close relationships with men throughout his life, including homosocial behavior (though this wasn't considered 'gay' during this era and was quite normal)
  • Hitler never had a child compared to most other national dictators (e.g. Italy, Spain, Russia). This lack of fecundity is odd as politicians, in general, tend to be highly sexually/reproductively successful, even in comparison to other highly prominent men. An analysis of the psychopathological traits of various eminent men conducted by Felix Post found that politicians were very rarely unmarried and they were the among the categories of distinguished men more likely to be promiscuous (multiple marriages). Politicians (together with scientists) were also the group least likely to be never married.[9] Politicians high marriage rate and high divorce rate indicates serial monogamy is more common among these men, likely partly owing to their high SMV and traits linked with promiscuity (such as the dark triad) that are also linked to leadership skills. Post's analysis included Hitler, and he considered him to exhibit 'severe' psychopathological traits compared to other politicians. He was counted as married due to his pre-death wedding with Braun, likely one of the most unusual weddings in history.
  • Hitler has been claimed to have had only one testicle and also to have had intersex characteristics. In allied propaganda, he was often depicted as having exaggerately effeminate characteristics such as large hips and a mincing walk
  • A disgruntled former army comrade of his, Hans Mend, claimed in a private interview with members of the German Resistance that he and other soldiers once caught Hitler engaging in homosexual acts with Hitler's friend Ernst Schmidt while billeted in France during WW1.[10] In 1936, when Hitler was in power, Mend was convicted of child molestation in what he claimed were politically motivated "trumped-up charges" intended to silence his criticism of Hitler. Mend was also later convicted of rape.
  • Eva Braun looks like a Becky and is possibly a "Fag Hag". However, Braun did have a voluptuous physique, a sportish disposition and a girlish sense of naïveté, traits that Hitler was reportedly attracted to in women.
  • Hitler used to hang around men's hostels that were known for having gay prostitutes on Vienna, though this is not particularly remarkable on its own owing to his homelessness at the time
  • Hitler was initially close friends with Ernst Roehm, the original leader of the SA (Nazi stormtroopers), who was open (after being publically exposed) homosexual, pederast, and an early advocate for gay rights.[11] Due to his potential to conduct a military coup and seize power from Hitler, together with his vocal dissatisfaction with Hitler's early acts as Fuehrer, Roehm and several of his associates were later purged from the Nazi Party and killed during the infamous "Night of the Long Knives". Roehm and his clique's involvement in homosexual acts were cited as justification for these acts by Nazi propagandists. Hitler did not mind Roehm's sexuality when Roehm was politically useful to him.

However, it is politically incorrect to say Hitler is part of the LGBT, as LGBT is part of the mainstream and Fascism is not. The Nazis also persecuted homosexuals during their time in power, frequently consigning men to concentration camps for engaging in homosexual acts. Some, however, have claimed this persecution was mainly focused on effeminate homosexuals, implying that the Nazis had a pagan conception of homosexuality where only receptive homosexuals are worthy of contempt.[12] Heinrich Himmler, leader of the SS, cited the supposed historical Germanic practice of throwing homosexuals in bogs to execute them (referring to Tacitus) and the 'abnormality' of homosexuals, together with the non-procreative nature of homosexual acts, as sufficient reasons to exterminate them, and not their effeminacy.[13] Such rhetoric is also used by neo-reactionaries to explain why his political movement is futile[14][15].

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