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A wristcel refers to someone whose romantic overtures tend to result in nonredamancy due to having thin wrists. Wristcels tend to be laughed at for their self-consciousness about their wrists and for having body dysmorphia. However, eye-tracking technology revealed women do tend to notice a man's arm width.[1] Cues of physical dominance such as upper body bulkiness and arm thickness (not even necessarily strength) also play a major role in men's intrasexual competition (intimidation of other men) which decides their access to women.[2] One study has found an assortative mating correlation of r = .55 (p < .01) for wrist circumference in a sample of 205 U.S. citizens from Ann Arbor.[3] At least, this suggests people care about wrist size.


Why wrist circumference is important[edit | edit source]

Wrist circumference is considered important by some framecels because it is generally a measure of bone thickness. Bone thickness determines how much muscle your frame can support, and is also important in regards to strength potential, with wrist circumference (on its own) being moderately correlated with grip strength.[4] So it's not the wrists themselves that are important, but the fact that they generally correlate heavily with the overall robustness of one's frame. Note that being a wristcel is the second-to-worst thing aside from being a neckcel, as both indicate that no amount of muscle mass will free you from being a framelet.

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