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Bone smashing, also called bone smashing theory or bonesmashing, is a controversial theory predicated on the principle of Wolff's law, which asserts that you can cause bone growth by exposing the bone to repeated blunt trauma. This is usually used to cause presumed growth of the facial bones, such as the cheekbones or mandible.
The practice involves hitting with a hard object precise parts of the face such as chin and cheekbones for the purpose of altering a recessed chin or getting prominent cheekbones.

Opposing arguments[edit | edit source]

  • After bone smashing was discussed in PSL forums, it was argued that bonesmashing may only provide a temporary swelling and not real bone growth and that may not give predictable results that guarantee a positive outcome
  • It has been argued that no individual may reasonably apply enough constant stress to their faces to increase their bone density. Excessive trauma will result in fractures and irreversible disfigurement, while repeated trauma may possibly result in nerval irritation or damage.
  • It is based on a misunderstanding of Wolff's law, which refers to internal trabecular organisation and bone density, as opposed to macromorphological structure of the bone.

Arguments in favour[edit | edit source]

In some martial arts, the athlete is supposed to strenthen his hands with the purpose of becoming able to hit adversaries with bare hands without getting hurt, or with the purpose of breaking objects. Moreover Breaking is a technique in martial arts in which athletes show the ability of breaking verious types of objects thought their fists or elbow, but also body parts like the head, knee and fingertips may be used. The repeated blut trauma concerned in bone smashing resemble the repeted traumas that theese athletes perform on their hands and other body parts.

The practice of increasing hand resistance is called "hand conditioning" or "fist conditioning". [1]. A german scientific article of 2005[2] reported the effect of hand conditioning on a Taekwondo athlete who participated in object breaking competitions. An MRI investigation revealed an augmentation of tissue between the heads of the metacarpals. This augmentation was a response of connective tissue to repetitive microtrauma.

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