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A currycel is a subset of ethnicels; "currycel" designates someone who is on the inceldom spectrum due to having inherited some traits from ancestors from Nepal, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, certain regions of Burma, and the Maldives. Many argue their inceldom is primarily a result of a systemic racial disadvantage faced by South Asians from the Indian subcontinent.

Evidence suggesting that South Asian men have lower SMV[edit | edit source]

A 2010 OkCupid study showed that South Asian men received the least responses from women.[citation needed]

Another study, albeit a survey conducted on a sample of self-reported female sex workers on the Amazon Mturk platform, found that Indian men were evaluated as the worst performing ethnicity when it came to lovemaking skill, apart from East Asians.[1] White men were overall preferred to Indian men as clients by d = 0.78, a large effect size. However, 20% of female sex workers (mostly White women) did say they liked Indian men as clients.[2] The sex workers also reported Indian male clients as being more polite than White & Black men, countering stereotypes of Indian men as being sexually demanding or prone to haggling with prostitutes over prices, and suggesting their lower sexual desirability & lower desirability as clients were likely rather mediated by overall lower perceptions of sexual attractiveness & sexual performance, at least in part.[3][4]

Potential explanations[edit | edit source]

Several negative stereotypes pursue South Asian men, such as the perception that they are extremely sexually aggressive to a creepy extent (while being undesirable), (e.g. by asking women online for 'bobs and vagene') [5] that public defecation is popular among South Asians/in South Asian nations,[6] and that Indian men (in particular) are highly nerdy.[7] Such traits are generally unappealing to women and reduce these men's status, therefore these stereotypes may generally play a part in reducing the openness of women to date South Asian men in Western countries.

South Asian men, even those raised in Western nations, are typically less physically formidable compared to the average White Western male.[8] An anthropometric study conducted in New Zealand found "Indian Asian" men both carry less lean mass (d = 1.67, in favour of white men) and more abdominal fat (d = 0.96) than White men, though this was confounded a bit by age with the Indians in this being a bit older. They were also shorter than White men (d = -1.07),[9] which partly but not fully explains the lower muscle mass as it typically scales with height to an extent. Other data has found that Indian men (albeit those in India, and therefore affected by the lower development conditions of that country), were physically as strong or even weaker in terms of handgrip strength than Northern European women (Sweden, Poland, Iceland).[10]

These physical factors, which are all substantial in terms of effect size of group differences, may combine to harm Indian & South Asian men's chances in the dating market, particularly in short-term contexts, as women generally desire physically formidable and taller men as sexual partners,[11] and this preference is stronger when it comes to low-investment, short term sexual relationships.[12]

Bluepilled media gaslighting[edit | edit source]

An obvious example of a bluepilled theme in the media is their gaslighting directed at the incel community regarding their usage of the term currycel. To the media, using a term such as currycel demonstrates the racist nature of the incelosphere. What this statement fails to realize is that the term is adopted by many south Asians themselves, thus making it more akin to black people using the N word to describe each other. Similarly, the prefix curry within currycel isn't actually a form of slaking in stereotypes as the bluepill (i.e. media) likes to proclaim. It actually has roots in personals on sites such as craigslist wherein discreet (read sexual) encounters are had. These personals were often footnoted with the message "no curry", to indicate racial preference. The term currycel, first and foremost, seeks to highlight the existence of racial disadvantages in the dating scene. As such, the term currycel is in actuality a modus operandi whereby currycels can reflect on their experiences. Since slogans, linguistics and posture are of utmost importance in the dating scene, it would be farcical to let the semantics of racial subtleties and inuendos within dating slip.

But all this flies right past the ears and brains of the bluepill. For the bluepill, everything is black and white, lacking in nuance. The bluepill proclivity for seeking out and remaining static with regards to the first proposition that the neuron in their brain comes across whilst travelling to a gland cell means that when the bluepill mentality hears a race-related term, they immediately points to the ingrained and banal, which explains why bluepillers view the usage of the term currycel in the incelosphere as racist. The truth off course, is that it first and foremost highlights sexual racism.

The plight of indian men[edit | edit source]

An episode of Incel TV outlines and summarizes the brutal fate of indian men:

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