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Eve (with bare boobs) eating the apple even if told not to.

Female sneakiness refers to the general attribute of human females being generally (even) sneakier than the males, on average. Psychopathic women with fast life genes may be the most sneaky ones.

Historically, good looking and intelligent sneaky women were called femme fatale, with there being a high cross-cultural pervasiveness of femme-fatale themed tales.[1]

Causes[edit | edit source]

Female sneakiness likely derives from sex differences in parental investment causing women to be weaker and dependent, meaning there is evolutionary pressure for women to develop certain strategies to extract resources from men and others such as lying, manipulation, stealing and hypoagency. Women's sneakiness and deceitfulness may also have evolved as a 'weapon', not being able to defend themselves through physical force, as infamously argued e.g. by Chad-style misogynist Arthur Schopenhauer. Female sneakiness may also be regarded as a neoteneous trait as children are also often held less responsible for their own actions, thus one finds them more likely getting away with lies, reaffirming their solipsism. But conversely, neoteny can be regarded as a sneaky trait, as it ensures getting resources without doing anything. Women also had higher reproductive success throughout human history, so they more likely reproduced no matter how poorly they behaved, and benefited from denigrating other women's reputation as a form of female intrasexual competition. Men, on the other hand, may have been more selected for cooperation, having been more responsible for resource extraction and mutually benefiting from other males forming effective coalitions.

Evidence[edit | edit source]

Women's pouting is a neotenous facial expression that serves to indicate neediness and to provoke parental or male investment.

Examples of female sneakiness include:

  • Pouting and crying: Women cry on average four times as much as men and more intensely.[2] In one study, women were reported to more often use crying as a means of manipulating their partner into doing something for them,[2] though without taking into account the women-are-wonderful effect, i.e. such behavior may go underreported as people may not associate women with bad/sneaky behavior in hindsight. The issue of women feigning tears has been noted throughout human history, e.g. by greek and roman scholars.[2] Cross-culturally, women display a higher neuroticism and greater neediness compared to men, e.g. they ruminate over negative emotions more and experience more psychological distress.[3]
  • Intimate partner violence: It appears that when women do not get what they want they may even become violent which may explain why they initiate intimate partner violence actually more often than men.[4]
  • Kleptomania: The pathological urge to steal (kleptomania) is twice as common among women compared to men,[5] and that does not even take into account that women are overall held to lower standards, more readily forgiven and less often required to extract/gather resources themselves.
  • Histrionic personality disorder: Histrionic personality disorder is about 8 times more common in females.[6] Histrionic means "excessively theatrical or dramatic in character or style", which points to a emotionally charged, irrational and manipulative mode of communication. A similar disorder is borderline personality disorder, which is also more commonly observed in women.[7] Relatedly, mood and anxiety disorders are 2-3 times more common in females,[8] and women are much more likely than men to fall victim of mass hysteria which may also be neotenous adaptations to appear needy to men.
  • Free meals: As many as 23-33% of women have gone on dates only to get a free meal.[9]
  • Lying: The scientific consensus suggest there is no noteworthy overall sex difference in lying frequency per social interaction and only minor contextual differences.[10] However, this research body mostly relies on self-reports and/or settings with questionable ecological validity, and it seems nobody thought of the obvious possibility that liars lie about their lying. Examples of more frequent female lying include their downplaying of their number of past sexual partners,[11] and when judging art which is in line with their agreeableness/confrontation avoidance.[12] Female scientists were found to commit scientific fraud just as often as male scientists,[13][14] but this result may be confounded by women being more sneaky in private than in public due to being overall more introverted, or by women having less agency over research decisions. One study found women were 1.87 times as likely as men to send deceptive romantic text messages. 45% of women and 24% of men had lied during sexting with committed partners. Though this particular lying (such as feigning orgasms, see below) may often rather reflect boredom/disinterest due to a lower average sex drive.[15]
  • Machiavellianism: Men generally score higher in self-reported Machiavellianism, though only regarding antagonism and social dominance, not planfulness,[16] with strange results regarding planning being negatively related to Machiavellianism in women but not men,[17] however, again, this research seems to ignore the possibility of liars lying about lying and relies on questionnaires with dubious ecological validity.
  • Makeup: Another means of manipulating used by women is aesthetically enhancing their facial appearance and neoteny using paint so as to conceal their true genetics.
  • Virtue signaling: Women also more often than men virtue signal, i.e. lie about things to appear virtuous, kind and to avoid anger (which is a facet of agreeableness which they also score higher on). E.g. in interviews asked whether they'd date virgin males, women would typically decline and state the lack of sexual technique and experience as reason, as can be seen in the videos on teen love pill. The real reason is, however, that male adult virgins are losers. (This, at least, holds true in free-mating context as there virginity is in part decided by male competition. Free mate choice is, however, less common and natural for modern humans compared to arranged marriage.) Women's virtue signaling and conformity may be explained by their overall physical weakness and lower agency, making it favorable to go with the flow rather than defending a contrarian position.
  • Inclusivity over freedom: Women consistently are more in favor of censorship, e.g. in a 2019 study, 59% of women and only 29% of men said protecting free speech was less important than promoting an inclusive society.[18] This sex difference may be explained by women's greater anxiety, being more prone to fall for fear-mongering regarding certain political positions, but it seemingly also sneakily benefits women in particular at the detriment of society overall.
  • Female orgasm: Women commonly fake their orgasm, with as many as 80% of women doing moaning without having an orgasm,[19] and 53%-68% admitting they had faked orgasms (see also female orgasm).
  • Disloyalty: Women have been observed to be disloyal to their home country, which as been suggested to be explained in terms of evolutionary psychology by the fact that women could historically marry into the conquering group, also increasing sexual variety, chiefly because inter-group conflict was commonly decided by the relative availability of fertile women.[20]
  • Gossip: Women are a lot more gossipy than men, e.g. they talk much more than men in the private, much of which likely serves their intrasexual competition with other women, sneakily denigrating the reputation of their frenemies,[21] giving rise to the queen bee syndrome. Females confiding/sharing secrets with friends more than men has been documented in in 6 countries and 31 studies.[3] This means women are a lot less effective than males forming goal-oriented cooperative same-sex groups. Women colluding with gossip and slut-shaming to keep the price of sex high can also be seen as sneaky and as sexual conflict.
  • Disingenuous advice: Anecdotally, women have been observed on social media to trick other women into making poor life decision such as chopping off their hair.[22] In one study, female hairdressers were found to cut good looking women's shorter, sabotaging their customer's attractiveness.[23] Intrasexual competition of the sort might also explain other poor life decisions that women engage in such as getting tattooed, getting lip fillers,[24] undergoing gender transition, dressing scantily, having a high body count.
  • Sharing secrets between women: Females confiding/sharing secrets with friends more than men do has been documented in 6 countries, and 31 different studies.[25]
  • Backup partners: Women (as well as men) often cultivate backup partners in their social circle so they can easily monkey branch if their current relationship goes south. As many as 20-40% of women admitted to cultivating a backup partner,[26][27] but unlike men, all women always have multiple options at hand due to the great male horniness surplus.
  • Whoring: Women frequently feign sexual willingness to incite male interest, competition or investment, exploiting the male horniness surplus. This occurs consciously or even subconsciously presumably as an adaptive behavioral bias. Examples of such behavior include wearing leggings in combination with high heels that arch the lower back in a way that mammals and other females universally use to signal receptivity, what is called lordosis posture.[28][29] Presumably as an adaptation to trick men into paying attention and investing they even evolved a second set of buttocks on their chest.
  • Deferral of sex: By strategically deferring sex due to their lower sex drive, women can get horny men to do things for them. By not initiating anything they also more easily quash unwanted approaches evading responsibility that results from taking action. Further, by the principle of least interest this allows women to "date up", i.e. mate with higher quality partners than men (the more interested party) ever can.
  • Denial of sexuality: Women will often claim that wearing tight pants or a revealing top has no sexual connotation, either because they really are oblivious to all the horny men (which is unlikely as women are not stupid) or because they are just sneaky and want to undisturbedly continue their whoring to get men's sexual attention and investment.
  • Rape fantasies: Even though many women regularly have rape fantasies, hybristophilia and scelerophilia, they will nonetheless declare even mild forms of rape as some of the worst crimes imaginable (even though moderate adversity actually makes people stronger). What's worse, up to 10% of rape allegations are estimated to be false.[30] There are anecdotes of women using false rape allegations as a means of avoiding unwanted men or to get out of relationships they do not desire.
  • Feminism: Many in the manosphere have suggested that feminism (apart from political entryism) is a sneaky way of women to re-organize the world to their advantage under the veil of fighting inequality. Examples of sneaky feminist claims include that women would be disadvantaged, when clearly they are not. For example, U.S. women have greater purchasing power than men.[31] Before their first child women have the same income as men.[32]
  • Affirmative action: Women have been observed to be twice as willing to enter a competition when it is known that women are preferentially treated.[33] For men this makes no difference. This means many women have no shame to play a game when it is rigged to their advantage, i.e. they will ruthlessly exploit affirmative action and reinforce it without bounds. Women are surpassing men in the amount of wealth they control[34][35][36] and get high status positions for free.[37] Hiring experiments revealed 2:1 faculty preference for women on STEM tenure track.[38] Regardless of this, women still demand and receive more benefits.
  • General and verbal intelligence: There is no major sex difference in general intelligence, with women even scoring higher in aspects of verbal intelligence (even though men score higher in some IQ tests, especially concerning spatial and mechanical skills, possibly in part an artifact of more investment into cognitive skill and men's evolutionary past as hunters and workers).[39] This means that there are extremely intelligent sneaky women who have the ability to outsmart, rip off and delude most men (presumably especially through verbal manipulation).
  • Female solipsism: As women are held to less responsibility and men always simp for them, they tend to live in their own world and then use this naivety to their advantage. For causes of this phenomenon please refer to the female solipsism page.
  • In-group preference bias: Women generally prefer their their own sex over the other sex much more than men do (see women-are-wonderful effect) which likely means that politically they will always favor policies that benefit themselves even if this occurs at the detriment of men because their own sex has ultimate primacy.
  • Sex tourism: There are records of women (presumably fast-life strategists) traveling to tropical countries only to get laid by local Chads (see I love to travel).

National Scruples And Lies Survey 2004[edit | edit source]

The British women's magazine That's Life! conducted an informal survey of 5,000 British women, published in 2004. They found the following:[40][41]

  • 96% admitted to lying.
  • 45% admitted to telling "little white lies" on a daily basis.
  • 84% said they could lie with a clear conscience (mostly justified as sparing other people's feelings, agreeableness).
  • 83% admitted to telling "big, life-changing lies" (13% saying they did so frequently).
  • 50% would lie about who is her baby’s real father in order to keep their current partner.
  • 24% of women would have a baby without their partner's consent.
  • 42% would lie about contraception in order to get pregnant.
  • 31% would lie about having a sexual disease (65% among single women).
  • 45% said they told "little white lies" most days.
  • 78% said they would pass off a second-hand gift as a new present.
  • 50% have lied about a Christmas card being "lost in the post".
  • 27% said they would tell a man if he was hopeless in bed (but 36% would gossip about it with their friends).
  • 50% would flatter a man if he asked them about his looks (46% would tell the "brutal truth").
  • 61% would want their partners to be "brutally honest" if they asked them "do I look fat?" or "do you think my best friend’s attractive?".
  • 54% admitted stealing sweets or chocolates.
  • 23% would "sneak a bottle or two" home if they were invited to a party by a well-off friend.
  • 57% admitted to stealing something (25% from their parents).
  • 38% say they would marry purely for money.
  • 46% they had faked orgasms.
  • 55% admitted claiming they were tired, had a headache, or felt ill to "get out of lovemaking".
  • 19% of women with a long-term partner said they had cheated on him.
  • 30% of all women have had an affair with a married man.
  • 68% said they did not trust their partner.
  • Victims/targets of female lying: Romantic partners (70%), friends (65%), parents (64%), customers and clients (58%) and bosses (57%).

More insights into female sneakiness:

  • 38% say they would marry purely for money.
  • 23% would allow their man to sleep with another woman for £50,000.
  • 5% had sex with their boss.
  • 70% would change their minds about leaving a boring man if he won the lottery
  • 52% would excuse a man whispering the name of a different girl during sex.
  • 82% would not tolerate their partner having a homosexual relationship.
  • 31% of women said they would be prepared to have sex on a plane with a sexy stranger.

Validity[edit | edit source]

The number of women reporting having faked orgasms in the National Scruples And Lies Survey 2004 is even at the low end of estimates found in other surveys (53%-68%, see also female orgasm).[42][43] The percentage regarding stealing bottles of wine from well-off friends roughly agrees with the percentage on getting "free meals on dates" from the peer-reviewed study mentioned above and they arguably have a similar degree of severity/inappropriateness.[44] Therefore, the percentages found in this survey can be regarded as very credible.

Memes, videos and quotes[edit | edit source]

Paranoid.png STEM Tee-Hee.jpg

"From the beginning, nothing has been more alien, repugnant, and hostile to woman than truth—her great art is the lie, her highest concern is mere appearance and beauty"

Friedrich Nietzsche

"Hence, it will be found that the fundamental fault of the female character is that it has no sense of justice. This is mainly due to the fact, already mentioned, that women are defective in the powers of reasoning and deliberation; but it is also traceable to the position which Nature has assigned to them as the weaker sex. They are dependent, not upon strength, but upon craft; and hence their instinctive capacity for cunning, and their ineradicable tendency to say what is not true. For as lions are provided with claws and teeth, and elephants and boars with tusks, bulls with horns, and cuttle fish with its clouds of inky fluid, so Nature has equipped woman, for her defence and protection, with the arts of dissimulation; and all the power which Nature has conferred upon man in the shape of physical strength and reason, has been bestowed upon women in this form. Hence, dissimulation is innate in woman, and almost as much a quality of the stupid as of the clever. It is as natural for them to make use of it on every occasion as it is for those animals to employ their means of defence when they are attacked; they have a feeling that in doing so they are only within their rights. Therefore a woman who is perfectly truthful and not given to dissimulation is perhaps an impossibility, and for this very reason they are so quick at seeing through dissimulation in others that it is not a wise thing to attempt it with them. But this fundamental defect which I have stated, with all that it entails, gives rise to falsity, faithlessness, treachery, ingratitude, and so on. Perjury in a court of justice is more often committed by women than by men. It may, indeed, be generally questioned whether women ought to be sworn in at all. From time to time one finds repeated cases everywhere of ladies, who want for nothing, taking things from shop-counters when no one is looking, and making off with them."

—From 'On Women' by Arthur Schopenhauer[45]

References[edit | edit source]

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