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Cognitive behavioral therapy, or, CBT, is the dominant mode of societal treatment of unhappiness. It locates the problem within the individual, and tells people that if they can just adjust their thinking on their own, their problems will be mostly solved (or appropriately masked). Incels, seeing their problems as caused almost exclusively by factors beyond their control (such as society rather than their own thought patterns), often react negatively to therapy, and almost never voluntarily seek this type of, "treatment".

CBT is neoliberalism on steroids[edit]

There is endless reams of literature that demonstrates that societal factors such as low social class is more correlated with unhappiness than compliance with the recovery industry. Academics such as Paul Maloney and Jordan Peterson also argue that depression is mainly caused by a society-wide lack of social validation. Not only does therapy have no chance of addressing societal inequalities, it allows society to look the other way, and present inceldom an individual weakness or vulnerability, rather than a more or less predictable result of living a marginalised existence in a society that increasingly celebrates social darwinian mating competitions.

CBT as superstition[edit]

CBT is loosely based on a superstitious Cartesian separation between mind and actual-person. It turns out there is no little man with a lever behind the brain directing our actions, which can be coached into being more effective on it's own. The self cannot be separated from it's actions, as the latter always comes from the former, there is no free-will being in the middle.

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