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Garrett Neff, a top male model

A Gigachad is a guy who ranks the highest in percentile of looks. Gigachad's generally appear to have high testosterone, incredible facial aesthetics, facial harmony and symmetry, and tall stature. Gigachads are very rare to come by.

The Gigachad is the opposite of a truecel.

More Characteristics[edit]

He typically ranks as a "10" on the decile scale and is a guy who will never experience nonredamancy. He's the polar opposite of a truecel and inceldom to gigachad is a baffling mystery, akin to the mystery of the causes behind the big bang theory to astrophysicists. In fact, gigachad doesn't even know what friendzoning, sexual frustration or rejection feels like! Examples of black gigachads are Tyson Beckford, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin and Jeremy Meeks. Examples of white gigachads are George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Chris Hemsworth.

Status instead of looks[edit]

Some people become gigachads through status instead of looks. For example, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, initially appears to be all-round a physically average normie, but because his social status is so high, he falls into gigachad territory. Similarly, Jonah Falcon, at first glance appears to be at least nearcel. He's ugly, short and mediocre in most ways, yet his enormous penis means he can get laid at the drop of a hat, and women proposition him all the time. Likewise, Genghis Khan, who lived during the 13th century was physically mediocre. However, he was extremely ruthless, and through his charasmatic nature managed to bed so many concubines that today, it has been estimated that roughly 1 in 200 people are his direct descendants.[1]


Characteristics of a gigachad are:

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