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(Left to Right) Ernest Khalimov, labeled "the Ultimate Chad", and Batyr Suleymanov

A Gigachad is a Chad who ranks the highest in the percentile of looks. Gigachads generally are muscular, appear to have high testosterone, incredible facial aesthetics, facial harmony and symmetry, tall stature, and often reached peak physique. Gigachads are very rare to come by.

In many situations, Gigachads mogs even other highly attractive males, especially if they manage to be even taller than the average Chad. The Gigachad is the opposite of a truecel. An allosexual hetero woman's reaction to seeing a gigachad is the equivalent to how moths react to a lightbulb, or how metals react to being near neodymium.

The female equivalent of a gigachad is a gigastacy. Having lots of gigachads in your locality isn't eco-friendly, as all the women are constantly using detergents to wash their grool-stained panties purely from walking past him.

More Characteristics[edit | edit source]

He typically ranks as a "10" on the decile scale and is a guy who will never experience nonredamancy. He's the polar opposite of a truecel and inceldom to gigachad is a baffling mystery, akin to the mystery of the causes behind the big bang theory to astrophysicists. In fact, gigachad doesn't even know what friendzoning, sexual frustration or rejection feels like! Examples of African American gigachads are Tyson Beckford, Stefan-Pierre Tomlin and Ovie Soko. Examples of white gigachads are Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his prime) and Chris Hemsworth. Examples of Mongoloid, East Asian and/or Oriental gigachads include Jason Momoa and Godfrey Gao. Examples of mixed race gigachads include Jeremy Meeks and Sean Kory. Examples of Middle Eastern and South Asian gigachads include Toni Mahfud and Imran Abbas respectively. Examples of Latino gigachads include Jay Hernandez and William Levy. An example of an Oceanian gigachad is Lance Franklin. The most popular men at r/LadyBoners are Franklin Delano Roosevelt JR and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Status instead of looks[edit | edit source]

Some people become gigachads through status instead of looks. For example, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, initially appears to be all-round a physically average normie, but because his social status is so high, he falls into gigachad territory. Similarly, Jonah Falcon, at first glance appears to be at least nearcel. He's ugly, short and mediocre in most ways, yet his enormous penis means he can get laid at the drop of a hat, and women proposition him all the time. Likewise, Genghis Khan, who lived during the 13th century was physically mediocre. However, he was extremely ruthless, and through his charasmatic nature managed to bed so many concubines that today, it has been estimated that roughly 1 in 200 people are his direct descendants.[1] There are also situations wherein you have gigachads by some some flukish circumstance rather than anything inherently genetic. In these situational and flukish circumstances, someone who is a normie, even low-tier normies, may elevate their status to full-blown gigachads if there is a lop-sided gender dynamic. A great such example is in the film The Maze Runner via the character Aris Jones. Aris Jones becomes a Gigachad after becoming locked into a trial for subjects immune to the Flare, a brain virus, with an all-female trialing group called group B. Give or take, Aris Jones is a normie, but he was incredibly lucky to be locked into the Maze with 8 (or 9) girls, and if the film wasn't rated PG-13, his Casanova pursuits would more likely have been displayed on the screens.

In peculiar situations, it is possible for gigachads to experience inceldom, such as gigachads in prison, or some other sex-segregated environment such as partaking in a boy-scouting organization, or working in an all-male oil rig environment. However, Jeremy Meeks has shown that even morally questionable convicts still benefit from the halo-effect, thus by extension, inheriting a societal position whereby he's assured an easy pathway towards a romantic life.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

Characteristics of a gigachad are:

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