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Polyandry means 'multiple men per women', in a sexual context, and is historically extremely rare, apart from some societies where there is scarce farmable land, where the brothers marry the same woman together. One example of a society that still practices polyandry is Tibet, but such customs are declining, and in any case such relationships were a minority of marriages, with most men preferring and being able to obtain exclusive access to a woman.

Gender ratios[edit | edit source]

Another reason for polyandry is a skewed gender ratio due to widespread female infanticide, with one example of such a society that historically practiced polyandry primarily due to this reason being the Toda of Southern India[1]. It is also likely that the pre-Islamic Arabs practiced polyandry due to this reason, before the advent of Islam lead to the proscription of both infanticide and polyandry[2].

When polyandry is actually polygyny[edit | edit source]

'Rotating polyandry', or when women have many male partners over their lifetime through divorce and promiscuity, is ultimately polygyny on a societal scale if there is a group of involuntary celibate men in society. Chads are polygynous, not polyandrous. Femoids are naturally drawn to a small % of men and are not sexually generous, encouraging societal wide polygyny, not societal wide polyandry.

Potential benefit to incels[edit | edit source]

Long-term polyandry (instead of a rotating polyandry) on a societal wide scale would arguably be beneficial to incels, because it would make men more rare in a relationship context, but it is unknown how to implement it as historical examples in industrialized societies are rare or non-existent. This is most likely because, despite attempts to encourage such behavior, the majority of men have an innate revulsion of open cuckoldry [3][4].

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