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Deincelization or deincelification, a.k.a ascending or ascension, means escaping inceldom, typically by forming a reciprocal romantic bond with someone. It is the direct opposite and antonym of incelization. If deincelization is attempted by a truecel it is viewed as a delusional belief (usually a cope) held by some 1st decilers that they can escape inceldom. It is possible on the other hand for high-tier incels (nearcels) to ascend if they looksmax or improve themselves in some other way.

Nonetheless, for some truecels, or incelish, the thought of ascending becomes hopeless. These incels believe ascension in their 30s, 40s, or later is impossible for them, because they will probably have reached penopause by then. Also in incel communities, men lose social status by ascending, so a truecel is very unlikely to give up his rank in the community.

It's over checklist[edit | edit source]

  • Are you incel?
  • Are you a 1-4/10 on the decile?
  • Do you earn less than $60,000 per year?
  • Do you have no extraordinary traits, or abilities such as extremely high IQ/creativity or exceptional strength?

If you answered yes to all of those questions then you may find yourself LDARing. If no was answered to any of those questions then ascension is an option and you may be giving up too soon.

Deincelization strategies[edit | edit source]

These methods are often argued to be legitimate ways to escape involuntary celibacy:

Ascension in the PSL community[edit | edit source]

in incel forums ascending simply means escaping inceldom through having sex, while in PSL and looksmax forums the term ascension consists in improving looks, especially with hardcore plastic surgeries like Lefort Osteotomy. The improvement of Looks often leads to an improvement in life: more chances to get laid, better treatment by women, more possibilities in career, better perception by society, less likehood of being discriminated.

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