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Winston Wu
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Name: Winston Wu
Date of Birth: ?
Occupation: Lecturer
Ethnicity: Asian

Winston Wu is a Dating guru, lecturer and is a pioneer in the department of SEAmaxxing.

About[edit | edit source]

Among his passions and interests are: writing, traveling, culture, museums, theatre, the arts, romantic places, instrumental music, classical music, medieval/renaissance music, 80's music, chess, history, philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, paranormal studies, alternative research and ideas, meeting interesting people, having deep meaningful conversations, hiking, nature, exploring national parks, tennis, ping pong, swimming and martial arts. Mr. Wu currently resides in multiple countries, such as Philipppines, China, Thailand and Taiwan, while traveling and managing his websites and generating passive income online from them. He is having a great time meeting and dating women in several countries, but has not found "the one" yet.

Happier Abroad[edit | edit source]

On Happier Abroad, Winston Wu promotes a better life and love overseas for unhappy, lonely, depressed misfits in America, especially men. His overseas solution solves many of life's problems -- particularly those related to dating, social life, and mental health -- and significantly improves one's life in 6 major areas: 1) Dating/Relationships, 2) Social Life/Friendships, 3) Mental Health/Self-Esteem, 4) Lower Cost of Living, 5) Healthier Food, and 6) Personal/Social Freedoms. His message and life story inspires unhappy misfits in America to Discover Friendlier Foreign Women, Authentic Saner People/Cultures, Lower Cost Living, Healthier Food, Social/Personal Freedoms and More!

Debunking Skeptics[edit | edit source]

On SCEPCOP, Winston Wu exposes the fallacies of the organized pseudoskeptic groups and promotes true skepticism, critical thinking, and an unbiased following of evidence and data related to paranormal, mysterious and conspiratorial phenomena. Wu was the first one in 2001 to write a full in-depth treatise debunking the arguments of organized pseudo-skeptics and paranormal debunkers. It was the first of its kind and received praises in the paranormal research community.

Interview with Steve Hoca[edit | edit source]

Steve Hoca and Winston had a 1 hour chat, this video is still available on youtube

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