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The feminine imperative or female imperative is women's drive to maximize their fitness. Since women historically depended on men's resources, this means acquiring the investment of a man such that the offspring is cared for. Ideally, that man should also have favorable genes that ensure the offspring will spread the mother's genes. Women's interest in maximizing fitness is often at odds with men's and vice-versa (sexual conflict).

As a combined effect of women's herd mentality[1], gynocentrism, female hypoagency and solipsism, the collective feminine imperative coalesces into public policies that make it easier for women to choose men and be provided for, practically funding their whoring (by men directly or indirectly via the state and taxes). Anything that counteracts the collective feminine imperative is seen as evil, and increasingly even criminal.

Since women's minds are entirely absorbed by their imperative, they keep various beta orbiters around to serve her needs with no inclination for reciprocity. The incel does even fit into this equation at all as a sexual partner, so he is either invisible or exists solely for the resources he can provide without getting anything in return.

Following her pussy[edit | edit source]

Foids justify their hypoagency and treating men as means to an end, using the "romantic" argument that they should be free to make sexual decisions based solely on tingles. Presumably women think they are weaker and small, so they should be allowed some benefits in return. When a foid acts in this manner, this is known as "following her pussy". Men, of course, are expected to be responsible and have integrity rather than being free to follow their penises, except in the case of Chad, the attractive man whom she hopes to arouse and provoke to the point that he uses his masculine strength to sexually dominate her.

One might say that the feminine imperative is for a foid to be treated as a child in terms of being let off the hook and protected from the consequences of her decisions, yet treated like an adult in terms of being allowed to make potentially disastrous choices without supervision.[2]

Feminist policies[edit | edit source]

Under feminism, foids expect to have both the freedom to follow their pussies and to have the assistance of betas and incels in dealing with the fallout from making these decisions. For example, if a foid gets impregnated and dumped by Chad, then other men must open the wallets to support the child. This can take the form of a betabuxxers wifing her up, or it can take the form of men orbiting her on social media and offering her free financial assistance in the (often vain) hope of eventually receiving sexual favors for being a nice guy. It can also include men's being forced to pay taxes to fund her welfare checks, or to give her equal opportunity to be employed at a company they own, even if she is less productive, and more distracting to her co-workers, than a man would be.

Dual mating strategy?[edit | edit source]

Some suggested, since women need investment favorable genes for the offspring, it is hence natural for them to get genes from highly attractive men and investment from another (alpha fuxx, beta buxx or dual mating strategy), but there is little evidence for this, in particular studies into the topic find the non-paternity rates are low in Western countries despite these countries offering the most sexual freedom to women.

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