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Contrary to the politically correct understanding of the term, creepiness is actually a judgement about ornament and other genetic dispositions, used by women as convenient, socially sanctioned means of rejection.

The term is intentionally ambiguous. Women know that if they were being completely honest and said "ugly, short guys should eat dust", they would be viewed unfavorably and shallow. Therefore, in order to blameshift, or to covertly act like a chameleon and having a constantly moving goal-post with regards to their moral compass, an ambiguous term such as "creepy" is a welcome adjective in the chameleon's vocabulary.

Ugly men are not more criminal to meaningful extent,[1] so the failo effect misleads people into thinking ugly creepy men are more criminal.

Attractive men are less likely considered creepy[edit | edit source]

Gibson & Gore (2015) found that women permit 'creepy' behavior from attractive but not unattractive men.[2]

Creepiness mostly refers to ugly males[edit | edit source]

McAndrew & Koehnke (2016) analyzed what people understand as creepy.[3] 95.3% of the respondents thought that creepy people were much more likely to be males than females.

They found the following correlations of various items with their creepiness construct:

  • The person stood too close to your friend (.509)
  • The person had greasy hair (.582)
  • The person had a peculiar smile (.546)
  • The person had bulging eyes (.563)
  • The person had long fingers (.503)
  • The person had unkempt hair (.609)
  • The person had very pale skin (.566)
  • The person had bags under his or her eyes (.599)
  • The person was dressed oddly (.601)
  • The person licked his or her lips frequently (.580)
  • The person was wearing dirty clothes (.571)
  • The person laughed at unpredictable times (.546)
  • The person made it nearly impossible for your friend to leave the conversation without appearing rude (.500)
  • The person relentlessly steered the conversation toward one topic (.519)

As one can see, the vast majority of creepiness is unattractive physical appearance, and awkward, neurodivergent, nervous behavior following suit. Women fantasize about being raped by attractive men, but despise being raped by uggos.

Lack of adult behavior[edit | edit source]

Artist and philosopher Henry Flynt dedicated a book chapter on creepiness in which he claims, men who have missed developmental stages into adulthood are judged as creepy because they lack superficial aspects of adult behavior. This may be related to autism as autists also never reach adult behavior and are often regarded as creepy due to their lack of intuitions about personal boundaries.

The creep is an involuntary celibate because he fails to develop the surface traits of adulthood--poise and sophistication; and because he is shy, unassertive, and lacks self-confidence in the presence of others . The creep is awkward and has an unstylish appearance. He seems sexless and childish. He is regarded by the ideal adults with condescending scorn, amusement, or pity.

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