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Woman with a highly neotenous face despite having well-developed breasts

Neoteny, pedomorphism, or cuteness refers to an adult organism retaining childlike features. In humans, this means a roundish, soft face with large eyes and a small mouth with full lips, but also overall a shorter and weaker stature. Neoteny is a highly desirable trait in women and women are more neotenous than men, both in appearance and behavior.

Neoteny can also be caused by pubefantilism (delayed puberty) and very detrimentally affect men (cutecel). A woman with neotenous features is referred to as a fauxbait.

Women's neoteny steeply declines in their twenties such that women's rate of aging is faster.[1] A tentyfive year old woman will already have a less neotenous facial fat distribution and hence appear less sexually attractive than an eighteen year old woman.

Evolution of female neoteny[edit | edit source]

Men's attraction to neoteny and hence women's selection for neoteny may stem from the fact that men have been providers of resources throughout human history[2] and thus want to minimize the chances of investing in someone else's offspring (cuckoldry). Childish, submissive, and lower IQ women are easier to control. Gowaty (1992:231-40) writes:

There should be strong selection on males to control females' reproduction through direct coercive control of females […]. Evolutionary thinkers, whether informed by feminist ideas or not, are not surprised by one of the overwhelming facts of patriarchal cultures, namely that men […] seek to constrain and control the reproductive capacities of women […]. Juvenilization decreases the threat some men may feel when confronted with women; many men are comfortable around women whom they can clearly dominate and are profoundly uncomfortable around women whom they cannot so clearly dominate.[3]

Artificial juvenilization[edit | edit source]

Artificial attempts at achieving a neotenous look is called juvenilism or adolescentilism wherein people (especially women) attempt to look like adolescents and more childlike often by means of fakeup, even when they are actually vicenarian or tricenarian, … or maybe even older.

East Asian men[edit | edit source]

Hominids tended to become more neotenous as they evolved (e.g larger skulls, smaller jaws, less body and facial hair). Humans are more similar in physical appearance to infant chimpanzees as compared to adult chimpanzees because of humans greater levels of neoteny. So the East Asian race (which is the furthest evolved from the African prototype) has the most neoteny.[4] Since women prefer dominant looking men, this gives the less neotenous looking Caucasian males dating advantages over East Asian men. Contributing to the SEAmaxxing phenomenon as well as Asian women associating Caucasian males with prosperity and wealth (hypergamy).

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