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"Tricenarian", is a term used in the incelosphere to refer to someone who is in their 30s.

Men's appearance may decline in their 30s, especially their late 30s, but it is more common in men than in foids that there will be a graceful transition from cuteness to handsomeness rather than a harsh transformation into being outright ugly, to the point that the youthful version of them is unrecognizable as being the same person. Many men begin getting gray hairs in their 30s.

Post-wall[edit | edit source]

A woman who has reached the age of 30 is referred to in manosphere/androsphere spaces as post-wall.

This is because tricenarian foids are perceived to have already past their prime in terms of looks, fertility mate-bonding abilities and other attraction measures. She will often will hit the wall hard in their early 30s and her fertility begins a sharp decline in their late 30s that continues into their early 40s until menopause.

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