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The Wall or agepill refers to the fact that people eventually become milkmired. Aging is a process in which the body loses health and functionality, including sexual potency and comes closer to death. The agepill holds in particular for women as men prefer young fertile women before they hit the wall. Feminists hate this fact so much that they deny it or blame it on men. For some in the manosphere, the wall may be a bit of a cope, because due to men's abundance of sexual demand even post-wall women can still remain entirely passive and find many suitors (of lower quality) nonetheless.

Sex differences in aging[edit | edit source]

Desirability of men and women online by age. More information.

Even though women live longer, their physical attractiveness declines faster than men's.[1] An explanation for this is that women become infertile sooner, so there was selective pressure for men to be attracted to young women, and men benefit from monopolizing women/girls early on to assure paternity.

Even though women age quicker in men's eyes than vice-versa, the proverb that "women age like milk, men age like wine" is largely cope because older men also have a harder time getting access to young, fertile and attractive women, and men also start to become less physically attractive with age. The former is especially true in combination with social norms that prohibit large age differences in couples.

Contrary to women, older men can compensate for their age by status and wealth, e.g. Donald Trump is born 1946 while his wife is more than 20 years younger, in fact men's dating desirability peaks a lot later than women's (see figure).

High status men remarrying young women[edit | edit source]

High status men are sometimes seen to dump women once they hit the wall to then marry an attractive, young woman. For example, the actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise have exhibited this mating pattern, though it is unclear to which extent the divorces were initiated by the husbands in these cases.[2][3]

Agematching and Okcupid[edit | edit source]

Taken Out of Okcupid[4], women believe in agematching, whilst men have two different preference clusters for women.

OkCupid[5] has released data that demonstrate women would consider men of similar age, whilst men are clustered into two groups in an inverted age fashion:

  • Those that are 30ish and under prefer women that are between their 40s and 50s (Milf and Oedipus Complex)
  • Those that are 35ish and over prefer women that are 25ish and under (those that are away from the wall and not Milkmired)

Dissection into Age-based Dating Strategies[edit | edit source]

Both CRP and ThePowerMoves[6] hinted that there are differences between short-term and long-term dating value differences. CRP's claimed main strategy is to attract those that are aged 20 to 25, by drawing them in with thoughtful ideas, which can signal them into thinking that these people have a "stable future".

CRP[7] Theory on what girls look for
Age Dating Preference Counter Tactics
Adolescents Looks and Pretty Faces Looksmaxxing
Pre-Wall Adults "Personality and deep Thoughts" Game and Jestermaxxing
Post-Wall (~30) Money & Childrearing Statusmaxx and Betabux
Middle Aged Get whatever they can take Milf (beware of issues)

However, this theory brought in multiple issues:

  • It does not address the mediating factor that chances preference in young girls (E-Boys replacing Game)
  • It does not address the threat of "ugly bastards" trying to apply Game to women without legal ramifications (see FaceAndLMS)
  • It does not address moral beliefs and personality differences, rather than age differences between male attributes preference
  • It does not address itself in relation to Social Dominance Hierarchy
  • It does not address female loss of status-seeking, which puts looks over everything else (CRP is well aware of this)
    • 2017 video "The three things you need to hold a women"[8] (Statusmaxxing and Game as core strategies)
    • 2019 video "Women only wants 1.5 things from women"[9] (blaming the welfare state and Oral Contraception)

The Biological Wall[edit | edit source]

Borrowed from[10]

Even when discounting fertility ("no eggs"), there are other reasons to have children when they are young.

Mental Health[edit | edit source]

Ratio of eggs without genetic defects[11]

The general rule for not having autistic or schizophrenic offspring is as follows[12]: Mother should not be 5+ years older than the father (Schizophrenia risk), the father should not be 20+ years older than the mother (Autism risk), mothers and fathers should be under 35 and 45 respectively (Autism risk), mothers should not be under 20 (Schizophrenia risk). It is noted however, is that males under-30s are less likely to have Autistic kids, even more so for those under 20.

Genetic Error[edit | edit source]

Preventative Medicine (Rolo Tomassi)
Rolo Tomassi[13] attempt at theorizing the needs of women at different ages in a granular fashion

Female egg count halves approximately every five years,[14] and egg quality deteriorates after age 36.[15] It is generally recommended that females should have children between the ages 25 and 35, however due to Femoid career proclivities, the age of first reproduction has been pushed into an suboptimal age, averaging 29 (for US and EU),[16] compared to 23 in the 1950s and 1960s[17] before the introduction of feminist policies.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

The older you get, the faster time goes by. The older you get as an incel, the more missed important youthful experiences you have. Other people are going to college parties, getting married, and having kids while you [decay]. The older you get, the more your body begins to fall apart from the inside after the age of 25. The older you get, the uglier the foids your age get and a younger foid will find you creepy if you try anything. Eventually you’ll become a lonely old fart with no experiences to reflect on before you know it.

Saint Hamudi (video: “Agepill is the worst blackpill”).

On the whole, it is effective from the years of beginning to those of ending menstruation. However, we give decided preference to the period from the eighteenth to the twenty-eighth year. Outside of those years, no woman can excite us; an old woman arouses our disgust. Youth without beauty, still has its charm; beauty without youth, none.

Arthur Schopenhauer

Anti-Aging Looksmaxxing[edit | edit source]

PSL users try to fight aging with methods like Red Light Therapy, Retin-A and sunscreen. Older users have also undergone wrinkle fillers or fat grafting, botox and nasolabial fat removal. Another age-related issue is Balding and is fought through finasteride or dutasteride.

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