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Loli is a topic which sometimes comes up in the incel community.


Femininity and neoteny share some things in common such as having less body hair than old men, therefore they are correlated and understanding the association between the two forms of beauty is easy.

Celibate lolis

Interestingly they can be femcels simply because due to the law men are afraid to fuck them so they can't get laid until they can encounter a tweenchad who is able to get an erection and fuck her consequence-free, or some kind of low-inhib teen chad who is willing to roll the dice and take the risk. She will protect him at all costs unless he dumps her or she finds a superior gigachad.


The term derives from 'lolita' a nickname for the fictional character Delores Haze (age 13-19 in book) so in its basic form it refers to mid-pubescent teenage girls. Over time it's usage has broadened to also include pre-pubescent pre-teen ones in some situations. Some prefer that added usage so much they even abandon the original meaning and ignore the word's root. They are despicable.