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Name: Veronika Kracher
Date of Birth: 29 March 1990
Occupation: Journalist
Ethnicity: white

Veronika Kracher (29 March 1990) is a German incelologist and journalist. She wrote the book Incels: Geschichte, Sprache und Ideologie eines Online-Kults and is portrayed as Germany's "incel expert" by the German public TV.[1] She writes and talks mostly negative about incels and sees most of them as misogynists and/or Alt-Rightists. She describes her political views as Feminist, Communist and Anti-German.[2] She is also an ardent SJW.

Personal life[edit | edit source]

She was born in Munich,[3] attended a single-sex school for girls[4] and has a brother.[2] She is clinical depressive since she became 13 years old, because of an ongoing Weltschmerz regarding the "Patriarchy".[2] Because of this, she hurt herself as a teenager, has been suicidal, became a Punk, got bullied in school and read about Critical Theory, eventually becoming a communist feminist.[2] She still calls herself a "depressive wreck".[2] She also claims she understands a lot of the feelings incels have because of her depression and that dealing with incels thoughts puts a particular psychological strain on her for this reason.[2] She studied sociology in Mainz and lives in Frankfurt. She is in a relationship.[5] Her Antifa partner shares her political views, calling incels a "right-wing" movement.[6]

Proponent of violence[edit | edit source]

In January 2019, she openly welcomed a violent attack against the right-wing politican Frank Magnitz (AfD), who got so severely beaten by the attackers that he had to be put to hospital.[7] On Twitter, she called this the "consistent implementation of #NazisOut"[7] (although Magnitz’s wife is of Turkish origin).[8] Because of this, Veronika Kracher received a lot of opposing messages and regarded herself as a victim.[9]

In January 2020, she openly welcomed the assassination of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani,[10] because of her strong pro-Israel stance.

"Expert"[edit | edit source]

Despite her politically radical background, she is a frequent guest in the German mainstream media when it comes to incels. She says herself that this suprises her because her book is a communist paper and she would even be disappointed if people wouldn’t realize that.[11]

Ironically, she is also very hostile against an executive organ of the state which depicts her as "expert" via public TV: The police. In April 2021 she wrote on Facebook: "Fuck the city of Stuttgart, the state of BaWü [Baden-Württemberg], the police", because the police allowed a demonstration of COVID measure opponents there.[12] In January 2022, she wrote: "The police is an authoritarian and institutionally racist male society, from whose ranks racist violence is committed again and again and the perpetrators cover each other."[13]

On incels and men[edit | edit source]

She usually describes incels as right-wingers. Even Ethnicels are considered as such by her, because they "internalized" white supremacy and "blatant racism" by adopting JBW.[14][15] In her book, she dedicates two pages to Germany’s most prominent self-identified incel and JBW advocate: Hamudi.[16] In a booklet published by the leftist, government funded Amadeu Antonio Foundation, in which Incels are linked to right-wing extremism, she even calls him a "German",[17] although Hamudi himself never said he is one, neither by ancestry nor by passport.

According to her, world affairs are governed by the oppression of the feminine by the masculine, which she calls "Hegemonic masculinity", referring to transsexual Feminist Raewyn Connell.[18] According to this mindset, men play a role similar to that of capitalists within Marxism while women are the proletariat, hence masculinity itself should be abolished. Men who don’t fit into the standards of "Hegemonic masculinity" are regarded as marginalized if they ally with Feminism.[18] Incels, however, are not recognized as being marginalized but as accomplices of the "Patriarchy" because they don’t ally with Feminism.[18] Incels therefore play a role within this mindset which is comparable to that of the Lumpenproletariat within Marxism. She frequently criticizes incels for not becoming feminists, since she regards Inceldom as being merely caused by "patriarchal" expectations towards men, like being able to have sex. Therefore, she even claims Feminism would liberate Incels from their suffering.[19] She does, however, not explain how this would solve the problem of loneliness experienced by Incels, making the extent of her ability to empathize with them questionable. Incels even managed to blackpill her on this, showing her that even men who are bullied because they lack masculinity don't turn into feminists.[11] She calls this circumstance a "double down", "grueling experience" and "bitter realization".[11] Because of the sparse success of this strategy, she also says she is tired of trying to convince men of becoming Feminists by showing them its alleged benefits for them.[15] Instead, she expects men to support Feminism out of solidarity with Feminists now and considers to regard those who don't as "political enemy".[20] Typical for a SJW, she is also supportive of speech regulation against incel forums[20] and openly argues in favor of Cancel Culture against opinions that are different from hers: "Finally give me this Cultural Marxist opinion dictatorship that they all are always talking about."[21]

She believes that inceldom can be prevented if boys receive a Feminist education, e.g. being taught to express emotions and not be tough.[22] She believes this would work, because she views sex roles as socially constructed and rejects evolutionary psychlogy/biology. According to her, preference for alpha men among many women is not caused by biology but by education, since many women "internalized" "patriarchal perceptions".[23] Therefore, she explicitly opposes the Scientific Blackpill[23] and views feminist theories as superior to natural science. She even compares evolutionary psychology/biology to National Socialism, since it also argued with biology.[24] She also opposes Jordan Peterson, whom she calls "kind of a pop star among these reactionary scientists".[24] However, she isn’t that consistent concerning her own views when it comes to the emotions of Elliot Rodger within his manifesto, calling him a "whiny, narcissistic, spoiled snotty brat".[25]

COVID-19[edit | edit source]

She is also a radical COVID-19 measure supporter. Therefore she supports Zero Covid, a campaign that wants to lower the COVID incidence to zero by shutting down the economy entirely.[26] This goal is very unrealistic[27] and the campaign is classified as left-wing to far-left extremist.[28]

Weblinks[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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