Brian Gilmartin

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Name: Brian Gilmartin
Date of Birth: May 18, 1940
Occupation: deceased/professor
Ethnicity: white

Dr. Brian G. Gilmartin is a deceased[1] professor of psychology at Humboldt State University in Arcata, California. Starting in 1988, he also taught psychology and sociology at Montana State University. He was one of the most prominent researchers on involuntary celibacy and love-shyness. He coined the term loveshy and wrote three books, Shyness and Love, the shorter The Shy Man Syndrome, and the book about swingers called The Gilmartin Report. He was going to appear in the unreleased incel documentary The Incel Project. Clip in the external link section. He believed that love shyness and involuntarily celibacy is real and should be acknowledged and treated by society as a medical condition. His books sold much better in Japan than in the US. He had a consultancy job in Japan that included free trips to Japan starting around 1996.

Brian's work, although it sometimes contained pseudo-science and overconfident conculsions about details of love-shyness, was valuable enough on the whole to not be taken as fringe, and was reviewed by contemporary psychology and Gilmartin's last book The Shy Man Syndrome had a forward by E. Michael Gutman, President of the Florida Psychological Society 1988-1989.[2][3][4]

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At least four forums have been dedicated to his books including /groups/loveshy-drgilmartin, /groups/loveshy-women,, and A website devoted to his work called‎‎ was made by Talmer Shockley. Books expanding on his work include but are not limited to The Love-Shy Survival Guide.

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