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Name: Rhawn Joseph
Date of Birth: unknown
Occupation: Neuropsychologist
Ethnicity: White American

Rhawn Joseph is a neuropsychologist and author from San Francisco, U.S., who publishes books and articles on his website BrainMind.com. He discusses topics such as the origin of life, the universe, biology, psychology and neuroscience. In particular, he is a proponent of the panspermia hypothesis which holds that life evolved outside of the solar system and spread through meteorites, asteroids and comets.[1] He believes that evolution was substantially predetermined by extraterrestrial seed DNA which, in his theory, drives evolution to eventually produce human beings.[2]

Rhawn has never commented on incels, but he has written extensively on evolutionary theories pertaining to sex, sexual selection, women, buttocks, genitalia, breast and lordoric behavior.[3]

Views on human sexuality[edit | edit source]

Rhawn Joseph claims human consciousness to mainly have been shaped by the evolution and liberation of human female sexuality and female sexual choice.[3] In his theory, women evolved to signal "full time sexual availability" with their permanently enlarged breasts and buttocks mimicking the signs of estrus in other primates. Human breasts, in his theory, have evolved to mimic the buttocks in order to attract males even after humans evolved bipedalism. Rhawn illustrates these insights with many photos of human breasts and buttocks, as well as female primates in estrus displaying their genetalia surrounded by gazing male primates.[3] These photos have become popular on image boards such as 4chan.

Contrary to redpill knowledge, he claims women were heavily involved domesticating humans by deselecting brutal and low-IQ men. Thus, in his view, female mate choice has brought about the basic condition for modern civilization to emerge.[3]

Further, he claims female sexual choice also contributed an enlarged male penis, that sexual selection led to an enlargement of the female breast as well and that women use makeup to also mimic the reddening of the genitals seen in primates as another means of attracting males.[3]

Rhawn commented on the sole biological purpose of females:

Biologically, females serve one purpose: to get pregnant.[4]

On his biography page, Rhawn recalls an episode early in his life in which he gazed at the female form:

As for girls, I was attracted to the opposite sex for as long as I can remember; but didn't have my first intimate experiences until I hit age 13, when the deliciously lovely, long-legged Mrs. T--our neighbor and a newlywed whose lawns I mowed each week--began undressing and strolling back and forth in front of her big bay-backyard-windows in bra and panties, sometimes in high heels, and giving me not a glance as I mowed away while gazing at her like a hungry lion staring at steak. Despite the roaring of the power mower, I thought maybe she didn't know I was in her backyard and that I could see her as she stripped and strutted. And this went on for weeks every time I mowed her lawn. And then one hot day as I mowed away, she opened a sliding glass door, and wearing just a little robe and high heels, invited me in for lemonade... Since then, I've squeezed a lot of lemonade... and some peaches too...[5]

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