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Jeremy Meeks is a former convict-turned model who received the adoration of thousands of women after a mugshot of him was posted on Facebook by police after they arrested him on felony weapons charges, and subsequently went viral.[1]

He later received significant publicity for announcing his engagement to a billionaire heiress, leading to many claiming that physical chads are immune to female hypergamy, though the couple did later split up.[2]

In the incelosphere, Jeremy Meeks is often cited as evidence of hybristophilia or that looks are more important than personality in driving female mate choice. Open female affection for Meeks is a clear example of hybristophilia, or at least that women do not particularly select for morality in men, especially if these men's desirability is high enough. Meeks has a reputation of being a living blackpill within the incelosphere and a large amount of the commentators of his YouTube channel consists of blackpillers, including prominent ones such as FACEandLMS and Incel TV.[3]

In musical clips[edit | edit source]

"My first big paycheck... I remember getting out of prison and this [Slavic] chick wanted me to be in her music video just to pretty much be a prop, a pretty face. And this chick paid me a 180 grand for a 4 hour photo shoot just to be in her music video."
- Jeremy Meeks[4]

Meeks also featured in another clip with a Slavic woman, Marina Acton.[5]

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