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Michel Houellebecq
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Name: Michel Houellebecq
Date of Birth: 26 February 1956
Occupation: Writer
Ethnicity: White (French)

Michel Houellebecq is a prominent French novelist, poet[1] and director [2] who has written about inceldom among other subjects.

In the novel Whatever (1994) he wrote:

[ . . . ] in societies like ours sex truly represents a second system of differentiation, completely independent of money; and as a system of differentiation it functions just as mercilessly. The effects of these two systems are, furthermore, strictly equivalent. Just like unrestrained economic liberalism, and for similar reasons, sexual liberalism produces phenomena of absolute pauperization. Some men make love every day; others five or six times in their life, or never. Some make love with dozens of women; others with none. It's what's known as `the law of the market'. In an economic system where unfair dismissal is prohibited, every person more or less manages to find their place. In a sexual system where adultery is prohibited, every person more or less manages to find their bed mate. In a totally liberal sexual system certain people have a varied and exciting erotic life; others are reduced to masturbation and solitude. Economic liberalism is an extension of the domain of the struggle, its extension to all ages and all classes of society. Sexual liberalism is likewise an extension of the domain of the struggle, its extension to all ages and all classes of society. [ . . . ] Certain people win on both levels; others lose on both.[3]

Personal life[edit | edit source]

Houellebecq used to be a computer scientist who wrote books during his free time. Due to being ugly, short and socially inept he likely experienced inceldom before he became famous. The semi-autobiographical novel Whatever (1994) depicts this period of his life.[4]

In 2018 he voiced his support in favor of Donald Trump:

[He] is one of the best American presidents I've ever seen. (French: Donald Trump est un des meilleurs présidents américains que j'aie jamais vu.)[5]

In 2019, he penned an article for Harper's magazine, being largely positive in his appraisal of Trump's performance as president, while condemning Trump's personal values and character. [6] He praised what he perceives as Trump's non-interventionist policies as compared to prior U.S presidents, his protectionist views regarding international trade, his criticism of the European Union, and his nationalism. In the past, Houellebecq has been criticized for alleged anti-Muslim sentiment in several of his books particularly "Platform" and "Submission" (the latter being coincidentally released on the same day as the Charlie Hebdo massacre, with one the main themes of the novel being a Islamic takeover of France). While he claims not to be anti-muslim, he is definitely anti-Islam, as Houellebecq called Islam "the most stupid religion" (using a particularly vulgar French word that can also be translated as "cunt" in English).

Houellebecq was married three times. In 2018 he married Qianyum Lysis Li, a looksmatching Chinese woman.[7]

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