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Name: Dan Savage
Date of Birth: October 7, 1964
Occupation: Author/pundit
Ethnicity: white

Dan Savage is an LGBTQ activist, who was one of the only people in 2018 to state frankly that sexual/romantic frustration causes misery and that society is generally ok with that. He also pushed that romance and sex is a need for most people, citing death statistics associated with loneliness.

Political Views[edit | edit source]

He says that there are female involuntary celibates, aka female incels. But he clearly hates anyone using the shortened term for involuntary celibate: "incel", despite the fact that he uses the long form in a way that suggests it's a valid idea.

He implicitly advocates for giving physically disabled people who can't find sex (aka incels) sex workers. He also highlights the fact that George Sodini and Elliot Rodger killed themselves, which is unusual. He also, like Shikha Dalmia advocates for giving incels increased access to prostitution, although Savage with the disclaimer that only those who are incel but don't self-identify as incel may qualify.

Savage acknowledges that sex in modern society is a barter, but doesn't acknowledge that it is usually an extremely one sided exchange on men's side with women usually just offering sex, and men offering the world, or as close as he can to the world. He essentially, like Shikha Dalmia wants an ultra-commodified sexual realm where men are encouraged to exchange more resources for sex, implying that involuntary celibates don't have emotional/companionship/sexuality that would be enough for women, and therefore encourages the one-sided barter while demonizing everyone who can't get sex as only being able to offer money.

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