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March 2021 logo when site went back from .co to .is is the largest incel forum in the incelosphere.

Created by SergeantIncel and Master on Nov. 7th, 2017, it was made directly in response to the ban of the /r/incels subreddit. Its status as an independent website offers its community flexibility, censorship resistance, and a greater degree of free speech relative to other social media platforms that expect politically correct speech. Discussion of illegal activities, such as becoming a hero by taking revenge on society by committing a mass shooting """going ER""" among other things, is against site rules.[1]

The forum features a prominent discussion of the blackpill philosophy.

An official Telegram channel exists to share news and notices.[1]

URL Changes[edit | edit source]

The forum has gone through several URL changes over the years.

.me to .is: On October 19th, 2018, a permanent change was made from the domain to Afilias (the organization that owns .me) dropped the domain due to abuse report raiding (threads at the time made on inceltears point to the subreddit being mainly responsible). While stated that the forum had complied with Afilias and done everything asked of them, the domain was dropped regardless despite compliance.

.is to .co: In March 2019, the domain was changed once again from to Improved SEO and better phonetics were cited for the domain change.

.co. to .is: On March 2021 (around the 23rd) the site returned to At the same time, changed to The provider arbitrarily suspended the previous domain but has not given a reason for the act. The domain was later returned.

Rules[edit | edit source]

The rules on the site have mostly remained the same over the years. A slight URL change occurred (aside from the .me to extension) between 2018 and 2020, where "terminology-and" was removed:

In 2021, a poll was made on the forum asking if users would like to allow or ban content regarding users who have visited escorts and their sexual experiences. By a narrow margin the result was "yes", and thus discussion of escortceling is allowed.

Style[edit | edit source]

The style of posting on resembles 4chan, as it is a third iteration of 4chan's r9k board, with the banned /r/incels being the second iteration. Its style of posting is impersonal, fast, jokey, and at times sociopathic, again like 4chan. A year or so after it's founding however, the admin implemented a rule where low effort posts are disallowed. has been known for its megathreads and cold approach diaries.

Although because of this process bans on are very hard to avoid, there is a ban appeal section for users who believe their warnings have been unfair or who want a second chance. has strong rules against bragging, as well as a distinct registration process. Users must include the reason why they want to join, as well as not use VPN's or proxies in order to avoid letting in spammers and alternate accounts of already banned users.

One unique thing about the forum is that it does not allow women to join, or for non-heterosexuals to talk about LGBTQ topics, according to Master.[2] The rationale for this is that women would disrupt discussion in orbiter seeking behavior, and people would encourage incels to transition from male to female. There are feminists who join incel forums to groom heterosexual incels to transition to female and date males so that they do not breed. Also, see R9k for more examples of such behavior. This policy seems similar to a policy that the Japanese chan board: "Men Without Motivation" have.

The forum uses one of the more narrow definitions of inceldom, defining involuntary as only "against will" rather than "against choice or against will".

Anniversary[edit | edit source]

On November 7th, 2021, the site became four years old.

Userbase[edit | edit source]

Moderators Prominent Users Ex-Moderators
Infinity (Admin) Uninstall Nausea SergeantIncel
Master (Admin) Jet112 Chewbacca knajjd
Fat Link (Admin) Mainländer Gambler mental_out
Komesarj BrendioEEE Grotesque i_a_m_i
Robtical Mahlo itsOVER cocksucker
Dregster FaceandLMS St. Tropez AmIJustDreaming
Caesercel FrothySolutions mistersinister blickpall
PPEcel NKL Limerencel Ryo_Hazuki
SlayerSlayer Animecel2D Colvin76 GoffSystemQB
TheProphetMuscle BlkPillPres Sneir azavii
MarquisDeSade BrettyBoy Copexodius Maximus Little Boy
The Enforcer Emba Intellau_Celistic WithoutMe
proudweeb MisterSinister Ilieknothing retarded_dumbshit
Zer0 Tehgymcel420 TheDarkEnigma Cuyen
ElTruecel Indari AlexanderTheGreat11 Zangano1
Uggo Mungo Ihaveno1 Ritalincel Stupid Clown
Zettacel PersonalityInkwell Insomniac Bleachcel
Schery6 BataviaCel Cowcel Eskimocel
Weed RREEEEEEEEE Fulltimeloser Mecoja
Johnwickcel Michael15651 Chudpreet DarkStarDown
Wereqaryan Alone75 OrdinaryOtaku Fulltimeloser
PLA1082 Diocel Nihility Andinocel
TheSpanishCel Recluse AsiaCel Words2_live_bye
Yerberito MongoloidJoe Unsettling TheGrayWolf

Significant Events[edit | edit source]

1st member to identify as female[edit | edit source]

On February 22nd, 2018, a user by the name of Chewbacca posted a ban request in the Inceldom discussion thread. In it, Chewbacca stated that she was female this whole time and got away with posting. Her picture, which was shown, fooled many people into thinking she was an ugly man. However, it is possible that a male user, in an attempt to gain attention or self-humor, has lied about being a female user pretending to be a male.

Nausea Cagethread[edit | edit source]

User Nausea used to post exclusively on a single thread in the Offtopic section of, due to his broken English and spam-like threads earning him many warnings otherwise. The thread was called affectionately by users "Nausea Cagethread".

sample screen from 2019

Ban Appeals[edit | edit source]

The Ban Appeal section of the site is enjoyed by many users as a source of drama or curious encounters between recently banned users and moderators. The mod who issued the last warning which triggered a permanent ban is the one who has the call on whether to give a second chance to the user in question or not. There is a megathread in the Meta section where regular users can discuss the ban of others.

Cliques[edit | edit source]

Numerous cliques have formed on in the past including Ritalin Defense Force.

LARPgate[edit | edit source]

On June 14th, 2018, user Heightframeface exposed another user, Whogivesafucc, as a larper. User whogivesafucc stated he had "gay(once) and straight sex" at the age of 12-13, and had lost his virginity at 14. Many people became angry at this fact and started to complain and raise their suspicion on other Novembercels, as well as other incels. Later in the thread, another user, Blackletcel, was also exposed as a 5'10.5 light complexed, dyed blond hair Tyrone (or Chad of African heritage) who was on a dry streak for 2 years. Before his dry streak, he recalls having a "foid on my [his] dick" (English: woman perform oral sex on him). He also stated he was a volcel because of his rejection of dark skinned African women.

Media Barrage of 2018[edit | edit source]

After the Alek Minassian van attack in Toronto, mainstream media went on a massive media campaign against incel forums consisting of thousands of articles and multiple TV show episodes, specifically against, despite the fact that Alek Minassian only referenced 4chan, and that to this day no mass shooters have ever participated on the forum.

non incel accounts[edit | edit source]

On May 15th, 2023, Master created a section titled "Ask an Incel" where non incel accounts will be able to post questions. It led to wide spread out outrage and unrest among the community. Many long term users threatened to leave unless the section was removed.

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