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The homochad hypothesis is a model of male homosexuality that suggests professional male modeling coupled with the male model lifestyle eventually causes gayness and or bisexuality in Chads and Pretty Boys that would otherwise be straight.

Evidence for the homochad hypothesis can be found in how prison homosexuality of male on male dominance is similar to sexuality within the male modeling world, where financially frustrated, but amazingly good looking men engage in pseudo and or fully homosexual acts to fulfill financial needs. By some estimates 70% of male models earn below minimum wage for a years work.[1] This encourages male models to engage in gay for pay and get a sugar daddy, whom is most commonly a fashion designer.[2]Also male models will live For as much as 6 months or more at a time with over a dozen other male models in cramped apartments. Where the models have to share rooms. Sometimes 4 men to 1 room, so the modeling agencies can save money.[3] This is very similar to a prison environment.

More evidence for the homochad hypothesis, is that even though international male supermodels have some of the highest sexual market value in the world on par with objectively handsome Hollywood action heroes. International male supermodels, have near abysmal reproductive success. Only 11 of the top 50 male models of all time managed to reproduce [4], such as Mark Vanderloo, face of Commander Shepherd from the Mass Effect video game series, and David Gandy whom just fathered a son at the ripe old age of 40. Male models have a 78% chance of becoming genetic dead ends[5], however objectively handsome Hollywood action heroes such as Pierce Brosnan, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, and even Jackie Chan have a whopping 100% chance of reproductive success! Google any male Hollywood action hero, even an ugly one such as Danny Trejo, they all have children, every last one. Hollywood action heroes primarily marry some form of model and or actress and use marriage and children as a strategic career move, to further their families wealth, status and power.[6] Where as international male supermodels, despite being rich, choose to hardly ever get married. They are often known for dating women that are just as physically attractive as they are but don't have the "female international supermodel physiognomy"and also much less popularity. They want to be the highest sexual market place value ones's in the relationship above all else which is what women prefer. This suggests extreme narcissism, which is women's most desired personality trait in a man for a long term relationship. The men, women are most sexually attracted too are often ambiguously bisexual, which is the origin of the "gay-pretty boy stereotype".[7] All of the data points to these international male supermodel types being women's ideal husbands despite these males near abysmal levels of reproductive success. Women may be "confused" in the sense their orgasm stems from clitoris stimulation which is just a small underdeveloped penis, therefore a man giving a woman an orgasm is akin to a homosexual act, which partly explains the homochad and Pretty Boy phenomenon. Openly homochad former #1 ranked male model Jon kortajarena described himself as "the ultimate romantic." [8]

Pretty Boys, the men most likely to become professional male models, have very prominent feminine facial features, to go along with their hyper masculine. An excessive amount of exposure to both testosterone and estrogen at some point during the boys life before or during the end of puberty, can account for these facial features. As well as this greater proclivity for homo and bisexual behavior at the highest scales of activeness.

These findings suggest many male models are in the closet bi and homosexuals, due to a combination of genes, environment and profession. Seemingly, any environment were a large number of males are living together, produces in the closet homo and bisexual men, that would otherwise be straight, such as prison, jail, all male military, all male oil rigs, college fraternities etc. The stereotype is that handsome men are at risk of being raped in all male environments, however physical attractiveness in both face and body are directly correlated with a dominant personality. [9] [10] Dominant gay men are significantly taller than submissive gay men and therefore also more physically attractive. [11]. These facts show that in an all male environment, handsome men are actually the most likely to be raping other men, instead of the ones being raped. The false stereotype originates from the halo effect, that the positive trait of being handsome creates the false impression of other positive traits, such as the false perception that such a handsome man would not willingly be a rapist. The extreme occurrence of bisexuality among male models, also stems from an alternative means of resource acquisition during hardship, for men that are extremely good looking. Rather than rob and steal they have the option to survive and get money by being gay for pay. This strategy does in fact translate into more sex with women (and men) as well as the acquisition of money, but translates into less reproductive success in comparison to other, more conventional hi income careers.

The vast majority of Chads and Pretty Boys are straight however, once chads or pretty boys become professional male models or enter an all male environment they are exponentially more likely to turn dominant bi or dominant homosexual.

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