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Photofeeler is a website were people receive anonymous feedback on their looks, demarcated into sections. Dating: How smart, trustworthy, and attractive one looks. Business: How competent, likable, and influential one looks. And Social: How confident, authentic, and fun one looks. Photofeeler is simultaneously the most accurate and controversial feedback tool. On the forum, being highly rated on photofeeler doesnt receive anywhere near as much if any backlash like how it does on where members say anyone with a rating over a 5 in attractiveness should be banned.[1][2][3]. Many users on looksmax report scoring high in dating on photofeeler and look like professional male models, wilst still lamenting their dating woes.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11]. All of the self identified incel men that score high are surprised at their results.

Many people that have used photofeeler have noticed possible photoshopped photofeeler results to push a narrative, that a certain type of look is very desirable to women, by photofeeler's advertisements themselves, incels and inceltears.[12]. Many do not like how women rate on photofeeler or even flat out say women do not know how to rate. When women rate a guy highly in dating whom doesnt look like a stereotypical male model, the women are often said to be virtue signalling, instead of the ratings being how they really feel.[13][14]. A typical young, professional, highly paid male model, will usually score moderate to low trust and smarts and very high scores in attractiveness, the rare young men that score high in all three categories don't appear to be being pushed by modelling agencies. In contrast women that score high in all three categories when rated by men are common place in the modelling industry. The men with the absolute highest scores are Silverfoxes, handsome older men usually with silver/grey hair/beards. These men are not pushed by the modelling industry either. Silverladies, beautiful older women also score high across the board, and are also not pushed by the modelling industry.

Attractiveness vs. Trustworthiness[edit | edit source]

The results of a study done on adult women's and men's preferences has women rating a trustworthy man as the number 1 most desired trait, with physical attractiveness number 12. However men rated trustworthiness as number 1 and physical attractiveness number 3. On photofeeler oofy doofies, schlubby hubbies, soyboys and numales often score very high in trust and average in attractiveness. Their photofeeler results suggest women don't see them as sub par men, and a study done on body type and father hood showed the fat man with little to no muscle was perceived as highest in fathering ability, muscular with little body fat the least.[15][16].

References[edit | edit source]